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Featured Artwork: Sophie Gets a Look at Herself

pastel sketch of cat looking into Christmas ball
“Sophie Gets A Look At Herself”, pastel, 8″ X 6″, 1999 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I have one holiday cat painting, and this is it!

Sophie was a little goofy, and spent a good bit of time in obvious contemplation of an object that might be in front of her, or of nothing at all, that I could see, at least. She did at one time look at herself in a glass ornament on the tree…waaaayyy back when I had a tree, once, in this house.

Before I began selling my cards on a regular basis I designed my cards using my own artwork, whether a photo or illustration or block print or paper collage, whatever idea came to mind I was happy to pursue it. But the ideas came to me whenever they felt like it, and I remember several years casting about for ideas. In 1999 I saw a photo of a cat looking into an ornament, and it reminded me of Sophie. I decided to illustrate that memory in a quick little sketch. I still worked a day job and often waited for the weekend for little projects like this, but I remember the idea was strong so as soon as the cats and I were fed, out came the pastels and a little piece of drawing paper, and off I went, right from memory, no prior sketch or anything. Sophie was right there. It came together in just a few minutes.

Whether or not Sophie thinks she is all nose with tiny eyes and ears or that every ornament has her image on it, I don’t know, but she certainly looked a little disconcerted at encountering her reflection in this way. In any case, she provided the inspiration for a bright, cheerful piece of holiday artwork!

The original piece of artwork is only 6″ x 8″, and I originally had just the sketch on paper, but I decided I’d add a little decoration to it and put the red border on it. I had liked the look of rough irregular borders, especially since the sketch is intentionally a little rough and less detailed. Above I have it with the border cropped into a rectangle, but here is what it looks like with the border left rough.

cat looking at holiday ornament
“Sophie Gets a Look at Herself”

I’ve used it for a few things, notably a holiday card and in a few other holiday designs as well as my annual “Holiday Cheer” campaign. I have this card available in my Etsy shop as seen at left individually or by the dozen.

sketch of cat looking in christmas ornament
“Sophie Gets a Look at Herself” © B.E. Kazmarski

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