Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Droplets Flying

three cats drinking from the faucet
Drinking From the Faucet

The boys have their morning sip at the bathroom sink. The lowest pink tongue is Jelly Bean hanging his head sideways and getting his face all wet along with letting the little stream from the faucet run right into his mouth, and the upper pink tongue is Mr. Sunshine leaning over him to lap at the stream right below the faucet. Giuseppe in on the left catching splashes and trying to get his tongue in there. Mewsette had her drink and left; I can only get this photo with three of them since the fourth blocks all the action!

Some days the light is good for this photo but I still have to use my flash, which is tricky in such a small room even with a slower flash setting. I love how it freezes the drops of water in mid-air, though, like falling pearls.


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