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Daly Photo: Working Cats

three black cats with paperwork
The real work to be done is to pet cats.

Jelly Bean inspects the papers while Giuseppe keeps watch on our guest; Mimi wasn’t getting enough attention so she walked under the paper with instructions Howard had been reading to me—you can just see her tail poking up above the paper he is holding, and it’s all crumpled because Mimi is doing a butt-lift underneath it.

Uncle Howard came to visit today—the Five’s Uncle Howard, not mine. And he actually came to drop off work for me to do so I can buy more cat food, but in reality he came to see the cats. He’s known them since they were a few days old and also known Mimi since she’s been here. The year previous to the arrival of Mimi and the Four, when I had the litter with Lucy, Angus and Donal, Howard adopted, for his son, the kitten Charlotte, one of the only non-black cats Mimi ever gave birth to, and what a mixed up calico Charlotte was!

Giuseppe tried to claim Uncle Howard as is very own person, watching him come down the walk and answering Howard talking to him through the door, then getting up on a table and poking Howard for attention—as if he needed to. Until we went into the kitchen and Jelly Bean and then Mimi joined us, that is. There were papers to be sat on and bitten on the corners and nose-rubbed, and more pets to claim as there were four hands there at the table and only three cats. Howard and I gave up trying to look at papers on the table but held them in the air so we could read them without having to read through a cat, and with a minimum of head butts and paw-punches to the backs of the papers.

When we finished with reviewing the layout for the product we returned to the important task of petting kitties once again.

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Mimi and her Fantastic Four children, as well as Cookie and Kelly, and Peaches and Namir and all the members of my feline household, and all the kitties whose stories you’ve shared and who’ve found homes through our readers thank you, even if we are not your nominee, because you help all of us.

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