Daily Sketch: Two Cats in a Basket, the Sketch

sketch of two cats in a basket
Two Cats in a Basket, ink drawing pen © B.E. Kazmarski

Another view of Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette sharing the feline organization and containment device. They spent so much time there I thought I’d make the most of it, especially when they stopped moving around and settled down for their intended nap, Mr. Sunshine resting his chin on Mewsette’s head. I started with an ink sketch, which I liked, considered adding color, and decided the lines were too delicate and it should stay as is. I may make a few prints and experiment with some watercolors, and come to think of it I should post these when I do this.

Technically, this is yesterday’s daily sketch, and what comes next may sound as if it’s partly in some foreign language, but suffice it to say that perparing it to post yesterday did not work well. When I scan these, no matter the medium, I always save them at 100dpi and 1000 pixels wide, enough resolution to see the details without being too big to view on most computers or mobile devices. However, when I saved this one at that resolution it was totally bitmappy—all the lines were jagged and even a little blurry. I didn’t figure it out last night, or today, and I’ve learned my lesson with computer things—unless it absolutely has to be a certain way, find a workaround and move on. So this scan is at a higher resolution in order for you to see the detail with relative clarity, and I hope it’s not a problem for anyone to view it because it’s too large on your screen or takes too long to compose or download.



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