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Daily Sketch: Impatiently Waiting for Dinner

conte sketch of four cats
“Impatiently Waiting for Dinner”, sanguine conté crayon, 7″ x 5″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

They thought I was taking far too long with what I was doing in the studio, and each time I moved significantly they got up and ran down the steps. They they’d come back and mill around on the landing, looking miserable, just to remind me that they came first, apparently I had forgotten this. So I decided to sketch them. It’s the Four, because Mimi is delicately balanced on my knee, turning around and giving me the hairy eyeball now and then.

. . . . . . .

What was I sketching on this date?

2012: Dinner Gargoyle
colored pencil sketch of cat
“Dinner Gargoyle”, purple colored pencil, 6″ x 6.5″ © B.E. Kazmarski

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. . . . . . .

2011: Boys at the Sink
sketch of black cats at green sink
Sketch of Boys at Sink

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4 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Impatiently Waiting for Dinner

  • My cats are like this when it is close to meal time too. They watch me intently and any movement that looks like I might be getting up they take off for the kitchen. If I didn’t follow them they return to stare at me again. Even the dog gets in on the fun because he knows he gets to go outside before the cats eat.

    • Andrea, they are so funny when they do this–some of them are sure it’s time and are trying to get to the kitchen first, others are trying to lead you on and make sure you follow through!

      • Lady used to do that “Lassie-thing” where she’d come in, call me, briskly head out the door of my office and when I didn’t follow she’d return and repeat it. She would do that over and over until I finally got up to feed her. I really miss that.

        • Andrea, I love their persistence. Peaches used to come and stand right in front of me and stare in my face.


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