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Daily Sketch: Illustrations

pencil sketch of siamese cat
“Cranberry is Disgruntled”, pencil, 3″ x 9″ © B.E. Kazmarski

I’m illustrating a book for a friend and coming near the end of the illustration phase. Of course, it’s a cat book, and I’ve been so intently working on it I thought I’d post my favorite two.

The author is a big fan of Clare Turlay Newberry, and I had initially worked out a few sketches in a style closer to hers, but when I worked farther into the book the illustrations had much more detail and that wonderful soft charcoal style just wouldn’t support what we needed. I cast about for another medium and came back to pencil. All those daily sketches have paid off.

Cranberry, the subject, is a Siamese cat, long and angular. The above sketch is called “Cranberry is disgruntled”.

Her feline siblings, Mr. Peach and Fromage, below, are “Waiting for Dinner”, ginger tabby Mr. Peach sitting stolidly by his bowl while Cranberry swats Fromage, who pays no attention.

three cats from above
“Waiting for Dinner”, pencil, 6″ x 6″ © B.E. Kazmarski


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8 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Illustrations

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  • Susan Stoltz

    Bernadette, I love how you captured Cranberry’s long, angular shape. Wesley, my half Siamese, half tabby (Lynx point Siamese) has those intriguing qualities that I love to draw, as well. It looks just like him too – taking a friendly swat at one of my other cats whenever possible! Can’t wait to get a copy of your book – that’s really exciting!

    • Susan, I am so accustomed to rounder kitties, but Cranberry is a breed sealpoint who this woman inherited from her mother (click the link near the beginning to read more). I actually found all those angles, especially in her hips, really fun to discover.

  • Paulette Smith

    Love your illustrations! I am also a big fan of Clare Turlay Newberry. Please let us know the title of the book and when it is released. I would really live to buy a copy for my cat book collection, especially since it will contain your illustrations.

    • Paulette, the woman who wrote this will be surprised! It’s actually for family in memory of her mother (click the link at the beginning to see more) but I told her others would like it!

  • I love the look you captured on Fromage’s face in “Waiting for Dinner”

    • Amby, even though she’s not related, she’s one of the group.


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