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Daily Sketch: Boys at the Sink, again

sketch of black cats at green sink
Sketch of Boys at Sink

I was too busy messing around today to do a new sketch, so I decided I’d run a green on for St. Patrick’s Day. This sketch was one of the very first ones I did from December 5, 2011. And what is it? The boys at the sink, including both green and orange!

Today, something I see all the time and post photos frequently, but just wanted to test my skills with their odd positions and fast movements. Giuseppe is looking as if he needs to hop up and down from the sink a lot more often, but his big gut is just because of his awkward compressed position, hind paws on the sink edge, one front paw in the sink and the other on the edge of the sink next to Mr. Sunshine.

I love what they do with their ears when they are drinking.

I decided to use the colored pencil today since it was on my mind and I have ones that exactly match my sink and the orange cups I use! It was a nice idea, but I actually like the sketch better in black and white. And with the magic of PhotoShop, we get to see it that way.

sketch of two cats at sink
Same sketch, black and white

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5 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Boys at the Sink, again

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  • beautiful…I love the use of color, and not necessarily the conventional one ..keep pushing the envelope black & white makes a statement too!

    • I like the color too–and the green, orange and black is the real color–but sometimes there’s more challenge in just the sketch itself without the distraction of color. That’s what I look at–shapes and edges and values of color, and how do I get that across in pencil, or charcoal?


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