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Daily Photo: Why Aren’t We Famous?

four black cats watching movie
Watching the movie.

Complain, complain, you never heard cats complain so much that I was away for days—weeks, in fact—and they got no attention whatsoever. They always exaggerate, but they are right, I did have several busy days where I was away for most of the day, and I guess the special canned food and treats, which I only do when it seems they truly need such extravagances, didn’t impress them too much. So I decided while I was getting a few things done in the kitchen, we could watch a few movies on the computer they might be interested in. So we read “What cats get up to when you leave the house” and then watched How attached are cats to their owners?. They could have easily watched Kodi walk around with the toy, meowing, for all 35 minutes he did so. But the real excitement was when Shorty appeared. Above, Mewsette, Jelly Bean, Giuseppe and Mimi are transfixed by the movie. I had to play it several times.

Below, more berating for me.

“Why aren’t we famous like those cats?”

“Just what are you doing when you’re out there, not here?”

“You need to work harder to make us famous.”

“Those cats are on the computer, we’re not.”

It’s not true. I played a few videos I’d made of them, and they were pretty bored with it all. But at least I gave them treats.

four black cats looking up
Why aren’t we famous?

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Treats For Homeless Cats And Caretakers

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Why Aren’t We Famous?

  • I really enjoy your cats and their stories. I have eight rescue kitties of my own (they were only supposed to be fostered, but I fell in love with them all!)

    Sho Ko is a favorite of ours also! I have to admit that, after watching the “How Attached are Cats to Their Owners” video, I felt a bit guilty. Judging by the reactions of Shorty and Kodi, I believe my furballs must act the same when I am not in the house! Sometimes I spot some of them watching me drive away and feel like a bad mommy. Of course, they get lots of love and attention when I am home! I am so lucky to have them!

    Thanks for all of your work as a “cat champion”!

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    But you are famous sweet black kitties..I admire you and love you from afar..Black kitties are so special and beautiful..I am lucky to have one black kitty but your Mama Bernadette is extra lucky to have so many..Hugs to all of you..


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