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Daily Photo: Whiskers Can’t Fit

tabby and white cat behind chair back
Mariposa’s whiskers can’t fit through here so she’s stuck.

You know how cats can pull a guilt trip on you at any moment. Here is Mariposa looking sad because she’s stuck behind the chairback. Her whiskers won’t fit through so she can’t go anywhere. What she doesn’t know I know is that there is nothing behind her and she’s trying to get attention, which she hardly needs to try very hard for. She was on the table in the sun bathing and napping in her new favorite spot—my placement when I’ve left it on the table for about three seconds after I’ve picked up my plate. Imagine a nice indigo blue woven placemat with all those long furs on it. But I love the approximately 82 photos I took of her with my DSLR and that bond we have when she’s meowdeling and I’m doing my creative thing.

From Instagram

Sienna looked at the postal delivery person and did not run away! She was a very brave girl this morning as this total stranger walked from the street to our front porch, and then back out. Oh the dangers that could befall a small tortie cat! But Sienna remained brave through it all. That light-colored thing glowing above her head is his sleeve reflecting the sun today.

tortoiseshell cat looking out window
Sienna is brave!

Some supurrvisors. I’ll tell you that in the photo before this one Sienna and Mariposa were heads down sleeping. How am I supposed to stay focused when they don’t do their jobs?

cats in baskets
My supurrvisors are sleeping on the job.


Featured Daily Sketch: Swirling Bath, 2014

pastel sektch of cat bathing
“Swirling Bath”, pastel, 7″ x 10″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Well, this wasn’t at all what I’d set out to do, but then I’d set out with kind of a loose idea to begin with, “sketch Mr. Sunshine on my desk”. I started out with the toned paper and charcoal seeing Sunshine with his glossy black fur, but suddenly discarded that in favor of my pastels and a half-formed idea of blended color areas on paper with a black outline sketch on top to give them definition. He is so graceful, especially when he turned to wash his side with his tail curling around to the front. So, here it is. It’s a little darker than I’d have liked it had I planned it, but overall I like it. Below, I cropped it so that it didn’t have the white edges. Often the white edge dilutes the colors, which is why I sometimes crop the colorful ones to eliminate that influence. The colors look a little more intense this way.

pastel sketch of cat bathing
“Swirling Bath” cropped.

I donated this original sketch, framed, to the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center’s annual Paws & Prints Benefit in 2014. But I still offer a variety of digital and canvas prints, a greeting card and a note card, find this on Portraits of Animals. And if you are interested in the gift items I’m making with this art, like tiles or keepsake boxes, you can search Portraits of Animals for “swirling bath” and you’ll find what’s available. I’ll also be featuring them here too.


From Portraits of Animals

The Woods in Spring in Black and White

From around this date in previous years

I So Have You Wrapped Around My Big White Mitten, 2020


tabby and white cat in box
Mariposa does have me wrapped around her paw.

I so have you wrapped around my big white mitten, all I have to do is look at you and you go gaga and run and get your camera.

She does, and she’s also pretty good at making the most of her looks and her props. I have a dozen photos of her in this box. I just pointed my camera and she had the moves. I have created a little monster!


I played hooky yesterday (Thursday) and worked in the yard for six hours, so I’m catching up today, Friday. So many things have come up, paperwork, repairs, phone calls, that take the little bit of daily time I usually reserve for working outdoors and some on the weekend, which I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate as exercise. In this weather my yard is getting totally overgrown, and this following two years of inability from my hip. After worrying about Basil who was by then feeling much better I decided I could exhale and relax with some hard work on a perfect sunny day, waving and talking to neighbors at a distance. Today I’m a little behind in things, and a little sore, but it was worth it.

Mimi is particularly grateful that day is over. I made her wear her leash the whole time and did not walk around with her as we usually do. She was pretty mad when I was outside all day and she didn’t get to play, nor did I take any photos of her. Today we made up for it by going out in the rain more than once. And now I officially have more photos than I know what to do with and not enough days to share. But abundance is a good thing.

A little beetle in the weeds.

From around this date in past years

Synchronized Sleeping With the Big Ninja, 2019

Sleeping position 1.
Sleeping position 1.

I just can’t handle it. I look in my bedroom and big, inky Giuseppe is stretched out on the bed looking very much like a big panther. Right next to him, less than half his size, is fluffy Mariposa, in the same position as Giuseppe, looking like a kitten and holding onto his leg with one white mitten, a serious sleeping expression on her face. And then they move into another position!


Flipped over, sleeping position 2.
Flipped over, sleeping position 2.

Time to flip over and stretch out. Giuseppe has his paws curled, Mariposa has her mittens stretched out like big cotton balls waving but she does have her boots curled up, tail also curled toward the side. I just want to touch them both!

Giuseppe’s face, sort of, upside down, ears flattened, paws curled.

Upside down Giuseppe, position 3.
Upside down Giuseppe, position 3.

Then, Mariposa works on that one.

Upside down Mariposa, position 3.
Upside down Mariposa, position 3.

Pretty close, if you ask me. I think she gets points just for the whiskers.

Then one more, just for cuteness.

Just for cutes.
Just for cutes.

Giuseppe isn’t big on cuddling with the fosters when he comes upstairs. He usually wants to just have a good sleep on the bed, but he will cuddle with his family. Mariposa has totally integrated herself into all their lives. Giuseppe doesn’t seem to mind at all.

From Facebook and Instagram

Four directions, the four siblings.

Four directions.
Four directions.


Photos from years past.


Hamlet and Sienna Have a Cuteness Contest, 2018

Hamlet and Sienna compete for cuteness.
Hamlet and Sienna compete for cuteness.

I had no idea when I walked into my bedroom I was walking into a serious competition for “cutest foster cat”. I did notice right off that they were very cute, but it wasn’t until they both struck poses that I stopped and realized this was important stuff. Sienna was first, and as I moved toward her to pet her and reward her for greeting me, an important part of socialization, Hamlet watched, then rolled himself into his own pose in response.

Apparently there were three categories: cutest face, cutest full body, and cutest freestyle pose. Above, and below, are the cutest faces.

Sienna, cutest face.
Sienna, cutest face.
Hamlet, cutest face.
Hamlet, cutest face.

Hamlet regularly rolls over for me, but only on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs, never on the bed. Hamlet has his rules. That’s how he feels safe. But here he let it go. Perhaps Sienna taught him something.

Then there was the cutest full body pose. Sienna is a true professional, but Hamlet lost a few points with moving too much. But he is still cute.

Sienna, full body pose.
Sienna, full body pose.
Hamlet, full body pose.
Hamlet, full body pose.

Then the freestyle pose where each of them could choose a pose they felt most advantageous to their cuteness.

Sienna, freestyle pose.
Hamlet, freestyle pose.

Again, Hamlet loses a few points with moving too much and not really holding his pose, but he is still cute.

Both kitties competed well and won lots of praise and petting for their efforts.

From Instagram

A nice, fresh, new, WHITE worktable cover, so of course…

Mewsette on the table.
Mewsette on the table.



What other photos have I shared around this date?


Wordless Wednesday: Fill Those Feeders to Turn on CatTV!
seven black cats at window
CatTV is off the air! Fill that feeder!
Seven black cats are patiently waiting for their pay per view program!
Seven black cats are patiently waiting for their pay per view program!


Mimi’s Dream Vacation

Mimi's dream vacation.
Mimi’s dream vacation.

I caught a nice photo of Mimi enjoying our old picnic table as I wandered the yard photographing whatever. I added an Instagram tilt shift and it was like Mimi’s magic place.

Below, Mimi tries her paw at some cattitude. “Can I just work on my tan without you getting in my face?”

Mimi shows a little cattitude.
Mimi shows a little cattitude.

And while she enjoyed the sun on the picnic table she was followed by rainbows, if you look a little closer.

Mimi was encircled by rainbows at the picnic table.
Mimi was encircled by rainbows at the picnic table.

And here are some of the things I photographed blooming in the yard while Mimi sunned herself.


What other photos have I shared around this date?


Bella Basking, 2016
Bella basking in the sunlight.
Bella basking in the sunlight.

We had some sun today. Bella settled down to bask in it for a while. She looks very sculptural.

What other photos have I shared on this date?

Because I will share Charm’s rescue story soon…

Daily Kitten Photo: Fighting off the Hand Monster
Trying to make the divine spark.
Trying to make the divine spark.

I will admit that I have a lot of photos in this post. And I will admit that I enjoyed this little game just as much as the kittens did and it was difficult to stop because they kept wanting to play. But then I had to get work done, and then I had to sort through all the photos I’d taken of our little diversion that involved sisters little Splash and Zorro and later their brother Higgins joined them. I guess I’ll have to post kitten photos each day for a while…(poor me).

High five!
High five!

It started when I was working around in the bathroom in the morning and Splash saw my shadow—yes, that big puffy thing is me, mostly my hair—on the wall of the tub. She began chasing my shadow as I moved so I caught a few photos. Then I went to pet her and the shadow of my hand got both her and Zorro going and it looked so funny to me too, this big hand reaching out of nowhere to grab the tiny kitten! Making the hand gestures work as shadows with my left hand and snapping photos with my DSLR with my right hand was a trick, but worth it!

Hey, what's up?
Hey, what’s up?

Above is fearless little Splash giving me one high five and then two ! Below nothing gets past the mighty Zorro as Splash gives commentary. After those two Higgins is determined to “get that thing” and almost gets gotten in his efforts.

Oh, I just can't look, says Splash!
Oh, I just can’t look, says Splash!
Tag, you're it!
Tag, you’re it!
I've got it with both paws!
I’ve got it with both paws!
Zorro and Splash don't know what to do about the hand reaching for them!
Zorro and Splash don’t know what to do about the hand reaching for them!
I think I've got it!
I think I’ve got it!

Now it’s Higgins’s turn!

I'm going to get that!
I’m going to get that!
I can see it's your hand!
I can see it’s your hand!
It's going to get Higgins!
It’s going to get Higgins!
I stopped it!
I stopped it!
It's going to grab you!
It’s going to grab you!
I'll stop it!
I’ll stop it!
It won't come any further.
It won’t come any further.
I just can't touch it.
I just can’t touch it.
Almost got it!
Almost got it!
I've got it!
I’ve got it!

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