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Caturday Art: Where’s Dinner?!

posterized version of five black cats
“Where’s dinner?!”

What it’s like being faced with five black cats who are demanding dinner after you’ve been gone all day.

I posterized the original photo to try to capture the sense of blazing indignation.

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We’re part of the Caturday Art Blog Hop!

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What other photos did I feature on this date?

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Happy Summer, and Going to Work, 2013
black cat in garden
Mimi is looking forward to lots of mornings patroling the yard.

Mimi is looking forward to many lovely mornings in the garden. We hope you enjoy the longest day of the year, and get enough sleep on the shortest night of the year!


five black cats on desk
Evening at my desk.

Today was “Take Your Pets to Work Day”. Well, you see my pets at work with me every day, so what would be different about today?! Nothing, really, but here is a photo of their before-dinner nap (kind of an inexact panorama) as the sun is going down behind the houses across the street, all tucked in among my stacks and baskets and bins; Mimi awakens, has a quick bath and goes back to sleep. Soon they’ll awaken and let me know it’s dinner time, no matter what else I have planned. I enjoy the daily course of events just as much as they do. They make my day complete.

I had originally planned a post with photos of my cats “going to work with me” through the years, but there were soooo many I had to stop. I didn’t want to use them all, but couldn’t decide. Maybe next year, or maybe I’ll sprinkle them in on other days.

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Pomegranate Toes, 2012
Tortoiseshell cat with pomegranate toes
Kelly’s pomegranate toes.

One of Kelly’s tortie hind paws is solid black—well, it does have a few orange hairs in there, but it’s more black than a lot of her other parts. But that foot has the special red toes that have always looked like pomegranate berries to me. Kelly is sleeping in one of her jumbled positions so in this photo, you see both of her hind paws while her front paws are tucked in elsewhere. Just to clarify, somewhat, I’ve included another photo of her sleeping on the stool, below, from a slight distance. The angle of the light and the color of the light is what makes the coloring in this photo so odd, but you “get the picture”.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
The full view of Kelly.

Well, maybe this angle is a little more clear, but not as cute. I’ve just been enjoying so much Kelly sharing my studio again.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
Kelly from above, maybe this is more clear.

And…Totally Relaxed

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
Kelly has a really good nap on the stool.

Sshhhhh…it’s Wordless Wednesday…and Kelly is having a really, really good nap so don’t wake her up…

Kelly has always been a little uptight and sleeps with awareness, but now that she’s 18 she sometimes drifts off into deep space while she’s asleep and looks as if someone has draped a cat-patterned cloth on mom’s easel stool. Mom had to catch her when she started to slide off—headfirst!

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Senior cats may seem like wise old souls, but they have a deep sense of humor. Adopt one during Adopt a Cat Month!

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Separate Dreams Together, 2012
monochrome photo of two black cats cuddling
Giuseppe and Mewsette cuddle but have separate thoughts and dreams on a summer afternoon.

You’d think they’d be keeping a distance from each other in this heat, but Giuseppe uses Mewsette for a pillow, his arm draped over her waist, Mewsette cuddles against him. Guess it takes a lot more than 94 degrees to make these siblings get some space.

Decorative photo edge applied, and “Underwater” photo filter applied in Photoshop to make it feel cool.

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3 thoughts on “Caturday Art: Where’s Dinner?!

  • bluemoonalone

    Some kitties are looking quite impatient for supper there..take your pets to work??..your pets are your work the pic of totally relaxed Kelly..good that you were there to catch a precious photo of Giuseppe and Mewsette..

  • We all converge on Mom when she comes home from work,
    but only JJ likes to hang out on Mom’s desk.
    We are looking forward to the Summer and the warmth it brings!
    We had a great giggle at a very relaxed Kelly.
    That is great balance 😉
    WE purr you enjoy the Summer solstice too!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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