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Daily Photo: When the Sunlight Hit the Snow

Mewsette in the sun.
Mewsette in the sun.

Enough snow fell yesterday for a complete covering, but only a couple of inches. When the sun came out from behind the clouds this morning and hit the snow on the deck roof, it was almost too much. At least for a human. Never too much sun for a kitty. Mewsette lets it pour down on her and just soaks it in.

From Instagram—yesterday!

I must have been really sleepy last evening when I posted my daily photo because I forgot to add my first snow photos! Here they are, followed by Bella performing.

From Instagram—today

I don’t see Bella making a snack of my asparagus ferns. Look at that tail, she’s really pleased with herself. (She had to work really hard to balance and get her paws into the hanging scale.)

Bella and the asparagus fern.
Bella and the asparagus fern.


Photos from previous years…

Trio, 2017


They are gathered on a cardboard box in front of the window but they look as if they are posing for a monumental sculpture. It’s Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Basil.


From Instagram yesterday, last night and today

Wow, yesterday at this time (about 4:00 p.m.) Mimi and I were enjoying a relatively warm afternoon. Today we had snow flurries and everyone is sleeping in heaps.

But Mimi was beautiful and very inspiring. I didn’t even get a chance to use all my photos.

Nice warm sunshine.
Nice warm sunshine.
A good scratch on her favorite rocker.
A good scratch on her favorite rocker.
Mimi and her shadow self.
Mimi and her shadow self.
Pretty Mimi with mums and purple.
Pretty Mimi with mums and purple sun flares.

Four #blackcats neatly lined up on the throw at the foot of the bed, yes, last night was cold!

Four cats neatly lined up on the throw at the food of the bed.
Four cats neatly lined up on the throw at the food of the bed.

Basil has his imaginary spa treatment. What will they do when it gets really cold?

Basil in his imaginary spa.
Basil in his imaginary spa.


From 2014, “The Panther”

black cat on tree
Silhouette in blue.

What a difficult choice! Mimi and I went out into the yard today, the first time in a while, and I usually try to limit my photos in posts but I just couldn’t for this. She was so beautiful prowling around on her tree, a real tree, not an indoor cat tree! Even choosing the main photo to feature—one of the black and whites where she really looks like a panther, or the silhouette against the blue autumn sky?

After wandering around in the grass we made our way to the picnic table where Mimi had a good preliminary scratch.

black cat on tree
Starting out on the picnic table.

Then we walked around in the leaf-covered woodland garden to the leaning mulberry tree—at more than a 45-degree angle, so it’s purr-fect for Mimi to simply step up and start walking.

black cat on tree
Mimi boldly climbs her tree trunk!

And stop and have a scratch—look at those fearsome claws!

black cat on tree
A really, really good scratch!

Then up and up and up!

black cat on tree
Up and up and up!

It was very important for Mimi to rub herself all over this particular vertical branch, especially rubbing her face, cheeks and chin vehemently up and down. Must have been some intense messages there for her to respond to!

black cat on tree
Face rubs!

Then she got back to some scratching.

black cat on tree
Fear this!

And this one is my other most favorite—she could be a real panther!

black cat on tree
Mimi looking convincingly like a panther…

You’ll notice in most photos that Mimi is wearing a harness and leash, and as usual her leash became tangled on a small branch and she nearly fell—I often unbuckle her leash when she’s in the tree and was actually reaching to do so once I saw her turning around which is when she gets tangled. I’m always right there so I reached up and caught her and unbuckled the leash. She was done with the tree after that because there were other places to investigate…

Hearing little rustles in the leaves…

black cat
Watching the brush.

Looking very pretty in the green and orange…

black cat
Looking pretty.

We had attempted to go outdoors yesterday to take our compost to the compost bin, had Mimi’s leash on and stepped outside. I looked around the yard to check for any hazards and saw none, still holding Mimi’s leash as she started down the stairs, then I heard rustling out in the yard…

two white-tailed deer
Our resident deer.

Mimi’s reaction; you can’t tell she’s completely puffed, and she’s talking about the situation, but she’s still just a little cat, though perhaps Mimi is thinking of dinner…?

black cat
Mimi stops in her tracks and puffs her fur and talks to the deer.

Yes, the deer are back—in fact, they really never left. The spots where Mimi was sitting were where the two does had laid down yesterday. The buck was not minding his harem today, but I really didn’t think Mimi should encounter these two at all.

It’s been a strange summer for Mimi and me. I had far less time this year than usual so I waited until the weather was reliably warm to plant without fear of frost. Though I usually plant as early as March but knew I might not be able to cover a really early garden in the case of late freezing weather. Then the groundhog had a feast. I took the time to turn the soil and mix more compost in, and planted again. Then the deer showed up and ate the second planting, and I just let the garden go. After 23 years it can use a break, and I have some updates I need to do and decided this year could be devoted to catching up with work especially after buying my car in the spring. My fence is just vinyl-coated wire with metal posts, and it’s served me well in the years I’ve been here. But neighborhood kids cutting through or past my yard along with falling tree branches have smashed it down, and I’ve known for a while I’ve needed to repair it and let the vines grow on it again. Now I really have to! I think the deer are beautiful but I rely on my garden for food, and working there and enjoying my yard through the year is my solace, not to mention Mimi’s territory as well. But that’s why it was so special for Mimi and me to have a nice early evening today—it’s been a long time!

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