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Daily Photo: What We’ve Been Up To!

Sienna tells me off.
Sienna tells me off.

“Look, I’ve literally put myself on your calendar. Can I possibly get some attention?”

This was Sienna from December 13, when I was in the thick of things getting ready for my open house. Of course, she got some attention!

I’m catching up on photos before the end of the year! Here’s a lot of what we’ve been doing.

Mimi’s feeling better

From December 8, “That’s Mimi on top of the microwave on top of the refrigerator, up by the ceiling. I’d say #littlemimicat is feeling pretty good!”

Mimi on the refrigerator.
Mimi on the refrigerator.

And from December 28, “I’m about to faint from cuteness because Mimi is playing with Mariposa, the oldest (16) and youngest (2). Sometimes Mimi likes to make up for the kittenhood she missed having kittens. Mariposa is making up for the playtime she missed surviving in a nasty colony.”

December 29, a visitor in our shop!

We had a great time with Lindsay Madeja this morning! Mimi and the kids greeted her and everyone but Mariposa cruised through the room. But it was Mr. Sunshine who was her best buddy and Giuseppe who, of course, got extra attention. They were able to take extended naps while the humans did that boring talking thing.

All the way back to December 5

Supurrvisors showed up after all the work was done. #blockprinting cards all afternoon in the basement while they all napped, let’s hope I managed to produce anything worthwhile.

The boys inspect my printing.
The boys inspect my printing.


December 19

The ultimate hunters blend in with the camouflage available. Birds are busy at the feeder outside the window, Mariposa stalks up the card rack, the black object underneath the center is Bella.


Mariposa and Bella watching birds.
Mariposa and Bella stalk birds outside the window.


December 31

Mimi is yelling at me because it’s raining.


Mimi yells at me because it's raining.
Mimi yells at me because it’s raining.

December 24

Sat down for a minute and they lined up on my lap. How does that happen so fast? Mariposa, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean.


Three cats on my lap and legs.
Three cats on my lap and legs.


December 30

It’s The Blob in my kitchen, and it’s got Mariposa! (Sorry it’s so blurry.)

The Blob has Mariposa!
The Blob has Mariposa!



. . . . . . .

Photos from around this date in previous years

Photos From the Archives and a New Edition: The Girls Dinner Club, 2018

Mariposa joins the Girls Club.
Mariposa joins the Girls Club.

I shared the photo above on December 23, the day Mariposa officially became a member of The Girls Dinner Club and finally joined the big cats for dinner. It makes me think of the Girls Clubs of the past decade who had always arranged themselves on the cabinet for meals: Peaches, Cookie, Kelly, Mimi and Bella, each in their turn. How they have evolved…

Up to that point, though Mariposa had run of the house since the beginning of November, she still had her meals in the bathroom. But she was integrating well and was more and more curious about what happened downstairs. I hesitate to add another kitty to eat in the small space we have so I do it slowly and carefully. Mariposa loves other cats and treats them with respect so they don’t mind her at all, and her habits wouldn’t be likely to upset the balance.

I don’t assign spots to cats, that would be pointless. I let them find a spot where they are comfortable and then set their dish in front of them. Mariposa only ate one meal up there as the girls welcomed her, but she ended up eating on the floor for the rest of her meals. Still, it was a notable occasion.

Prior to Mariposa joining, the Girls Club had included only Mewsette, Mimi and Bella, a group which originated some time in 2015 and still gather for meals. I took the photo below in 2016 when I wrote about observing Mimi for symptoms of the lymphoma-like condition she had developed each spring for several years. We have only seen very mild symptoms of that condition in the past to years, so it seems to be a seasonal issue that we have under control.

Mimi eats between Mewsette and Bella.
Mimi eats between Mewsette and Bella.

Prior to Bella joining the Girls Club in 2015 we had had many fosters for two years while the entire Family of Five ate on the cabinet in those famous lineups as in the photo below from 2014. I have no idea why the did this, but it made great photo opportunities from in 2013 and 2014.

five black cats
Breakfast: watching me.

Before the era of The Five was the era of the Tricolor Girls Club, The Tortie Girls Club, and then Mimi joined. I sketched Kelly, Mimi and Cookie in “Dinnertime” on December 7, 2011, just a few days into my three-year run of daily sketches, and just about two months before we lost Cookie. I didn’t take a reference photo, but the memory of the three of them eating there each day inspired me to capture the moment while I could, my sketchpad and pencils at the ready after I’d served them. After we lost Cookie in 2012 it was just Kelly and Mimi. I can’t find any photos of the two of them though I know I took a few, but it was a sad time as we knew Kelly wasn’t well, and suffered from losing Cookie. Mimi did her best to comfort our last little tortie.

"Dinnertime!", pencil © BernadetteE. Kazmarski
“Dinnertime!”, pencil © BernadetteE. Kazmarski

And before the little three in the Girls Club, there were four kitties because Peaches was a founding member in this photo from 2010, on the day Mimi decided she would join the Girls Dinner Club. The Tricolors had been gathering there from 2007. They are all small girls and got along well, so even though they were crowded it worked out okay. Mimi was thrilled to really be a member of a group and no longer acted as if she didn’t feel as if she fit in.

My Four Girls
My Four Girls

Peaches, Cookie and Kelly were the inaugural Girls Dinner Club in 2007 because before that the cabinet was in front of the window and I had only a table. Again, I know I have photos but can’t find even one, and it may be that they were blurry with inadequate cameras. There was more room on the floor for the cats to spread out before the cabinet was in the middle of the room, and so they did. After we lost Lucy, when I cleaned the house top to bottom after we learned she’d had FIP, I switched around the kitchen too. But for about 10 years The Girls Dinner Club has been meeting on the cabinet for both breakfast and dinner, slowly evolving.

Photos From the Archives and Vintage Photos

Photos pulled “From the Archives” were taken by one or another digital camera of mine between 2002 and, well, yesterday, but usually they are older than that, and I had never had the chance to feature them. Vintage Photos are from my film archives back to 1983 when I purchased my Pentax K-1000 camera. They’re a fun way to “introduce” other members of my feline family who came and went before I began blogging, and to illustrate my feline family in general from days gone by.

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Sienna watches me in her own special way.
Sienna watches me in her own special way.

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