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Daily Photo: We Are About to Nap, Please

black cat and tortoiseshell cat sleeping
We are about to nap, please.

That human shows up everywhere with that camera. Can’t she see we are preparing for a nap?

Sienna looks pretty comfortable, though Mewsette is lying on top of her. And when they often get up to greet me when I walk into a room, neither of the girls was in any mood for that. I took a bunch of pictures too, much to their consternation. Apparently, I didn’t bother them too much because off to dreamland they went.

black cat and tortoiseshell cat sleeping
We are asleep, please.

I don’t think Sienna had too much experience with other cats before she somehow ended up outdoors. She does hang out with other cats, but cuddling is not her thing. Mewsette, however, seems to have some magic where torties are concerned. Scroll down to see a photo of her with Cookie in 2010, when Cookie was beginning to feel a little unsteady but would have none of being monitored in any way. Cookie settled on the bed, Mewsette quietly showed up later and curled herself around Cookie.

No big long post today! I’ve run out of older posts in December that I haven’t shared already.


From Instagram

Mimi is pleased to be surveying her garden realm from atop her favorite wicker chair once again. After extreme cold and snow, sun and warm, I was barefoot today! Still some snow around though.

The cat loaves are rising in their baskets.


From the Back Yard and Beyond

A Life of Work


From Portraits of Animals

Avoiding the Photographer

Still enjoying sharing my favorite winter artwork. I painted this just about a year ago! The original is still available as well as various prints and maybe someday some gift items. Click here or the image or the title to read all about it.

Avoiding the Photographer, watercolor, 12 x 18 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
Avoiding the Photographer, watercolor, 12 x 18 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski


From around this date in past years

I’ve run out of past posts for this date or in December anytime in the past five or six years–I’ve already shared them in previous posts. So I looked for one that was somehow related to today’s photo. Mewsette does have a way with torties.

Cookie’s Biggest Fan, 2010

tortoiseshell and black cat
Mewsette Guards Cookie

I will always thank Mewsette for taking care of Cookie.

Has Mewsette adopted Cookie?

I’ve often noticed Mewsette being near Cookie, sitting, sleeping, bathing, sometimes trying to do a gentle nuzzle or head-butt which is summarily rebuffed by Cookie. “I don’t need any babysitting!” Cookie would say. However, I’ve lately seen Mousse cuddling with or near Cookie—after she’s fallen asleep, of course!

Perhaps like Giuseppe in the way he adopted Peaches years ago, cuddling, keeping her warm, giving her his youthful energy, Mewsette will finally have her way with Cookie. Cookie couldn’t ask for a nicer understudy in Mewsette, big, strong, quiet and sweet.

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pastel sketch of three cats in silhouette
“Mewsette’s Tail”, pastel on white multi-media paper, 6.5″ x 9.5″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Mewsette slaps her tail back and forth so enticingly, Bean simply cannot resist. Read more and purchase.


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