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Daily Photo: Watch Cats

two black cats at window screen
Jelly Bean and Giuseppe at the screen.

I know how the chipmunk feels.

They’re hard to see but you can’t miss those eyes when the sun catches them.

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe keep an eye on me outside the window as I fill the bird feeder. It’s another time it would be so nice if they were another color.

. . . . . . .

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, 2013
black cat in box.
This is the life.

In a box, in a sun puddle, with a catnip toy, it really doesn’t get any better than this. My name isn’t “Mr. Sunshine” for nothing.

I’m getting sleepy…I think I’ll have a nap.

black cat yawning in box
I’ll just have a little nap then get on with my agenda.

Sunshine enjoys first nap, just a bit of a rest, nothing serious.

black cat in box
Sunshine’s first nap, before the second nap.


Oh, my, I’m so relaxed, I think I’ll just spend the afternoon here.

black cat in box
I can’t stop yawning…..!


black cat sleeping in box

. . . . . . .

Fun With Catnip Toys, 2013
catnip toys and cat shadow
Catnip Mystery…a collection of pyramids and a mysterious cat shadow…

Our Aunt Carolyn sent along some extra-special handmade toys for some extra-special kids over the weekend, one toy for each kitty—but they couldn’t enjoy them until I had had my fun! Yes, their human, having fun with catnip toys! Well, why not, I drink catnip tea, right? No, just me and that darned camera again…but they catnip pyramids were sooooo pretty and colorful, and it was sooooo sunny and bright, and everyone was awake, all at the same time, I deserve a little fun too, right?

Above you see the “Catnip Mystery”, a collection of powerful catnip pyramids all in gathered together, and who is that mystery cat who casts the shadow approaching the gathering?

Below, Mr. Sunshine yells, “I’m first! I’m first!” as he beats all cats in the world to the catnip toys.

black cat running toward cat toys
“I’m first! I’m first!”

Mr. Sunshine inhaled. See what happened.

black cat with canip toys
Watch Mr. Sunshine’s catnip experience.

Aunt Carolyn is the owner of My Three Cats & Co., Inc. and is a long-time customer and friend, and I also purchase my Drinkwell supplies and other items from her. She always sends along goodies to Mimi and the Fantastic Four, but we don’t call her Auntie for nothing. A cat owner herself long-time board member of FosterCat, Inc. and supporter of cats in shelters and rescues in Pittsburgh, Carolyn was generous enough during the summer I rescued and fostered Mimi and her children to donate food and veterinary care. For me at that time it meant being able to care for them all as a growing family needed with good food and regular veterinary care right from the start. I know that sounds like it walked right out of a script for a commercial, but in the year immediately previous I had lost four senior cats with the expenses related to their last months and end of life, then Lucy was spayed and then diagnosed with FIP and I gave her as much treatment as I could find, and then I lost her too. The last thing I could afford was a litter of kittens, and my friend knew that. When I talk about donating to help others who are fostering kittens and cats, I mean it from personal experience.

We’re part of the Caturday Art Blog Hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess!


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You Can’t See Me, 2012
cat behind wrinkle in rug
You can’t see me behind this wrinkle.

“I have fixed the rug in exactly the way I want it.

“You can’t see me at all behind this wrinkle I have so cleverly built out of the rug.

“Also notice that I am squinting. You can’t see cats when they are squinting at you like this. Or when they have their paws over their faces. Or when they have their head in a bag or under the couch, even if their fuzzy butts are hanging out in plain view. You may think you see us, but it’s just your imagination.

“And furthermore, don’t even consider changing this rug from the way I have it set up. When I choose to leave it, I will expect to find it exactly like this when I return.”

Guess he told me.

. . . . . . .

Watch Cat, 2012
Watch Cat.

[Sshhhhh…mom is trying out Wordless Wednesday. This is hard for her. You know she always has to tell stories. You should live with her. But I am Jelly Bean enjoying the sun at the top of the steps. See you later.]

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