Daily Photo: I Want to Be an Art Cat


Hamlet the art cat.
Hamlet the art cat.

“I want to be an art cat.”

Really, Hamlet presumes he is my next model. He gave me four wonderful poses on the windowsill, this is the nicest.

He is still not comfortable with me unless he is inside the bathroom with the door closed, and even then not all the time. Hamlet jumps up on my drafting table right past my elbow, and ignores me, not making eye contact or responding to anything I say. I see him softening a bit though, as he did today when he moved to that corner, settled himself down facing me, and calmly looked at me. He is trying very hard, and this is not easy for him, but he will do it, he has decided. I will be patient.

Cats have always liked my studio, and I think that’s why it was always a successful foster room. It has a different energy than the rest of the house. It’s my happy room, it’s dynamic and the cats sense my happiness and enjoy it.

Ophelia is more comfortable and welcomes petting, but she too mostly avoids me when she’s out in the upstairs. My second floor is not that big, it’s 15′ x 22′ with a notch taken out for the steps, but it must seem vast to those two. They ran right into the bedroom for the first two weeks, didn’t even look in the studio doorway. Then Hamlet decided to bravely go in there and sit down.

I have been without my flower essences since last fall. They are kind of expensive and I needed to pay for other things instead, and I remembered that I’ve fostered and socialized cats for decades without them. And then I remembered how Bert and Ernie reacted, and Alvina, Simon and Theodore, and even Hamlet and Ophelia at first, and decided tonight to order two. I hope I can help them ease into socialization with more confidence.

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So nice. Mimi has a good stretch in warm afternoon sun, on the way out to the yard.

Mimi has a good stretch.
Mimi has a good stretch.


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Caturday Art Photo: Portrait of Bean, 2014
black cat in vignette
Bean looking handsome.

Bean shows his profile. Not always the silly boy.

Bean quietly contemplated the sunny landscape outside the second-story window, looking here and there, looking at me and looking at the ceiling, as I took photos of each move. I decided to try out the photo filters built in to my Smartphone as I did. I usually like to take a photo without any features and play with it in Photoshop so that it’s as flexible as can be, and while most of the filters are pretty bad (oil pastel? really? did the designer of that filter ever see an oil pastel let alone a drawing?) “Vignette” works well, which is what I’ve used on Bean. All of them can be done better in Photoshop, but the other filter I like is “Tint” which adds areas of soft red, yellow and turquoise areas to a photo. I can only use one filter at a time on this phone and I happened to take this photo with Vignette, so I manually brushed in similar colors and then changed the contrast a bit.


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The Telltale Paws, 2013
black cat paws under pillow shams
Something seems out of place.

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Thank You, Mewsette, 2013
black cat scratching at toilet tank
Mewsette helps to finish the job.

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On the Prowl, 2012
black cat in tub with toy
Stalking the wild crackle ball.

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Like a Salad With Your Salmon and Turkey? 2011
black cat eating lettuce
Mewsette enjoys a nibble of greens.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: I Want to Be an Art Cat

  • February 23, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    dood….make sure ya get paid top $$$$ all models due…they get like 9,033.57 an HOUR !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    • March 5, 2016 at 2:17 am

      He sits on the windowsill each day now. Do I have to pay him even if I don’t take his picture Tabbies?

  • February 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Re: Stalking the wild crackle ball. Is that kitty in the bath tub? My cat, Little, loves to play bathtub “ping-pong” with us. Incidentally, she is also black.

    • March 5, 2016 at 2:17 am

      Mollie, yes! It’s also the best place to photograph a black cat!


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