Daily Photo: Wandering the Leaves

black cat in yellow leaves
Mimi on her tree branch above the leaves.

Mimi looks spectacular against the leaves. She loved to walk on the fallen branch, and I loved to photograph her, before I decided to move it to start rehabbing that part of my flower beds.

My back yard was layered with mostly yellow leaves, big maple and tulip poplar leaves until the freezing weather last week. They had all fallen from the trees, and I’m so glad I managed to get a few more videos of them falling, but I also just wanted photos of all those leaves to use as backgrounds in designs, and also to use as a backdrop for product photography. And just to look at.

And for kitties to wade their way through on a series of warm, sunny November afternoons. With the angle of the sun so low, and the hill to my west, the houses and the hill block the sun after early afternoon, so we have to make sure we get out there at the right time of day to enjoy them. Mewsette carefully walks on the stepping stones under the leaves, then just starts to wander around the yard for the best spot of sun.

Last weekend, before the rain, I finally gave the yard its last mowing, mulching up the leaves as I worked. They had all turned burnished and brown, soft and warm in its own right, when the first freeze came. But a sunny day is still a great day to be on the catwalk…

black cat on deck rail
Mimi on the catwalk

…and to visit all the wicker chairs in your yard.


From Instagram

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and if not I hope you have a day of things that you can be thankful for.

I have more things to be thankful for than I can list, including this pie which I made from pumpkins my neighbor gave to me from her garden, and I cannot only enjoy it but I also have friends to share it with.

All the things I am thankful for have something to do with interconnections like these, things that we don’t even notice bind us in love and generosity with other people, forming a gentle net that holds us all in a shared humanity.

But I still had to test the pie first before I shared it with anyone!

Bella is kind of going overboard with her nap on this dark and drizzling day.



From the back yard and beyond

Clearing at Sunset


Photos from previous years…

Remembering Nicer Weather, 2019

Mimi on a colorful afternoon.
Mimi on a colorful afternoon.

We’ve had a number of totally cloudy days, but the real disappointment is when the morning is bright and sunny though could, but the sun hides behind clouds before it gets to the front courtyard where Mimi and I like to hang out. So we remember a nice sunny afternoon last week. We still have just enough leaves around and even a few green leaves that they really light up when the sun shines.

From Instagram on Saturday

A good day for Sienna and Mimi to hang out in the warm kitchen.

It’s warm in the kitchen.

Mimi and Sienna have box seats for my standing physical therapy performance. Apparently they are not pleased with my performance.

Box seats.


Photos from previous years…

Mariposa Exploring Downstairs, 2018

Mariposa with begonias.
Mariposa with begonias.

Yesterday was bight and sunny and Mariposa finally decided to come all the way down the stairs and explore. It’s a whole new world!

Below, the photo is a little blurry, but she is still so pretty.

A little blurry, but still pretty.
A little blurry, but still pretty.

Mariposa really wants to play! Hamlet didn’t realize he was in her target area. More from Mariposa’s adventures yesterday.

Hamlet wasn't aware he was in Mariposa's swing area.
Hamlet wasn’t aware he was in Mariposa’s swing area.

Look out for that white mitten, Hamlet!

Look out for that big mitten, Hamlet!
Look out for that big mitten, Hamlet!

Then she made her way over to the shop area.

Mariposa models the shop.
Mariposa models the shop.

It’s difficult to catch her so things are a little blurry!

Mariposa models the shop.
Mariposa models the shop.

And then Hamlet joined her! She was thrilled.

I'm going to get you, Hamlet!
I’m going to get you, Hamlet!

Later, she joined Mimi and me in the studio, Mimi on one thigh and Mariposa on the other.

How it started out.
How it started out.

Until a few minutes passed…

Sleeping with Mimi.

Sleeping with Mimi.
Sleeping with Mimi.


Sleeping with Mimi.
Sleeping with Mimi.

She wants you to know she not only haz mittenz but she also haz whiskerz.

I haz whiskerz.
I haz whiskerz.

I hope she has a chance to meet some visitors soon. She was a little shy when someone stopped today, so she needs some practice.

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