Daily Photo: Useless Cookbooks

Mariposa thinks these cookbooks are pretty useless.
Mariposa thinks these cookbooks are pretty useless.

Mariposa gives a collection of some of my favorite cookbooks a big eye roll. Not only do they not have mousie recipes in them, they don’t even have meat! What kind of a house did she end up in? Don’t worry, the human has other cookbooks too, just for things kitties are supposed to eat. Maybe I’ll move those cookbooks up to this shelf so the next time the Little Miss decides to pose there it will be with the species-appropriate cookbooks.

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My new shipment of cats has arrived. Just in case anyone wondered. Mariposa and Bean are very curious because they look very familiar.

My new shipment of cats.
My new shipment of cats.

Photos from years past.


Mentoring, 2017

Hamlet really looks up to Basil.
Hamlet really looks up to Basil.

Basil was trained as a ninja foster by the best sensei a kitten ever had, Giuseppe. Now Basil returns the favor of showing Hamlet how to do important cat things around the house, like intently watching the blue jay on the deck roof. Hamlet simply looks up to Basil and does his best.

Maybe a little sniff.
Maybe a little sniff.

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Blue Morning Bella

In three lovely variations. I just couldn’t decide.

Original Blue Morning Bella
Original Blue Morning Bella
Instagram Blue Morning Bella
Instagram Blue Morning Bella
Color version Blue Morning Bella
Color version Blue Morning Bella

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Daily Photo: Menu Planning With Sunshine and Bella
Sunshine and Bella help with this week's menu.
Sunshine and Bella help with this week’s menu.

Saturday meal planning with Mr. Sunshine and Bella who are helping me sort and organize recipes.

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Look, I’m famous! I’m on Facebook!

Hamlet is excited at seeing yesterday’s photo on my computer. He seems to like technology.

Hamlet sees himslef on Facebook.
Hamlet sees himself on Facebook.

68 degrees, bare feet and capris in mid-February. Mimi and I took a little time to clean up outdoors and now we are listening to robins singing the good night song.

Mimi and me outside.
Mimi and me outside.

And a special edition—I was so excited this crocus bloomed this morning. I really thought it needed another day!


Ahhhhh. This poor crocus has been trying to bloom for months, a little frostbitten on the tips, but still fresh and vibrant, and very welcome.


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Other daily photos shared on this date


Bath Sequence, 2015
two black cats bathing
The beginning of the bath, washing their own faces.

Jelly Bean found the good bath spot on the roll of paper towels and Mr. Sunshine soon joined him. But no two of the Four can be bathing near each other without going rounds to catch each others’ hard to reach spots. They begin and end with their own faces but do a pretty thorough cleaning behind the other brother’s ears before they are done.

Working behind the ears and on the neck two black cats bating
Working behind the ears and on the neck.
Now working down to the shoulder blades, yes! two black cats
Now working down to the shoulder blades, yes!
Back to the faces two black cats bathing.
Back to the faces.

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On the Prowl, 2012
black cat in tub with toy
Stalking the wild crackle ball.

Mewsette is just waiting for that sparkly crackle ball to make one false move and it’s curtains! You can tell by the curl in her tail that it’s a tense moment.

Nearly everyone took some time to play a little tub hockey with the crackle ball which suddenly showed up out of nowhere after being AWOL for a few months. They like just about any ball, especially in the tub, but the crackle ball makes a really satisfying noise whenever it moves and even when they pick it up.

It also fits perfectly in the tub drain with just enough protruding to pull it back out and start all over again. Mewsette’s game of tub hockey turned into miniature golf as she scored several holes in one, and holes in several.

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