Daily Photo: Tortie Dogs!

Tortie dogs!
Tortie dogs!

Because years ago others who knew dogs’ coat colorings called my tortie girls “brindles”, I enjoy calling brindle dogs “torties”! So these are dilute tortie and tortie greyhounds!

I met these two wonderful rescued greyhounds with Hurry Home Greyhounds of Pittsburgh who were at the tent next to mine at the Pet Care and Adoption Fair last weekend (the one where we met Prada and her kittens). Some were up for adoption, some were owned and some were visiting. I could not resist them. Here are these two again, looking a little distracted. Love those ears! I have honestly never seen a greyhound with ears up.


There were actually three tortie dogs! But I couldn’t get any clear photos of the three together—the day was dark and rainy and camera shutter speeds were slow, but here is one more full tortie dog.

Three tortie dogs!
Three tortie dogs!

. . . . . . .

An Update

Just to make sure that he did not have two totally ruined days back to back in the same week, Bean made sure he got into the box right after breakfast.

Bean got in the box right after breakfast.
Bean got in the box right after breakfast.

. . . . . . .


I am just soooo dull as a human and everyone loves guests! Yesterday Missy, who got us all organized on Academy Street where Charm and Scarlett came from, and those three black kittens from last week, and…thanks, Missy, and you don’t even live here, you work in the office building there! Thanks so much for the litter box and litter for the foster room too, and kitten food for all the kittens. Charm ran right over to see her when she came in.

Missy and Charm.
Missy and Charm.

And my friend Chaz Letzkus and I are working on his website but when he visits he knows it’s part of the deal to pet the boys. He had all of them “in hand” at one point but this was the best photo I could get. Bean was pretty fond of his iPad which slowed us down just a little.

Chaz and the boys, all three.
Chaz and the boys.

Looks like last year was a big day for visits too!

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature on this date?

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Trafficking in Cats, 2014
two kittens in carrier
The two rescued kittens.

I admit, I’ve been trafficking in cats lately. My house has been a stopping point for exchanging cats going to and from one foster point to another, and in the process the Five have been busy meeting new people, as have I, and beautiful new cats! Because my bathroom is already claimed by Kennedy, any newcomers have to stay out on the porch.

Above are two “hissy kittens”, presumably sisters, who were taken into the Humane Society. They didn’t pass their personality test and were scheduled to be euthanized, but our group was contacted and they were instead spayed and ear-tipped in preparation for one future or another—they would first go into a foster home to be socialized for adoption, and if that didn’t work out they would join a colony of cats somewhere, and they’d already be ear-tipped. I’ve seen far more “hissy” kittens, so lets’ hope this perfect tabby and this beautiful calico manage to learn how nice it is to live with people.

My house was a stopping point on Monday because of timing—one person would pick them up, but the person who would be taking them couldn’t get them until after 6:00, so they’d spend the afternoon on my front porch.

Debby Christy Nicola, recently of Thor, foster of kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean and human of Nomad, was the one to pick them up, and she also got to meet the Five as well as Kennedy. All four line up to greet her.

woman with black cats
Debby is greeted!

Then they get into a cluster like one big black cat with a bunch of legs and tails.

woman with black cats
All four together.

Then Mimi joins in, on top of things because she’s so much smaller.

woman with black cats
Mimi joins in.

Later, Mewsette and Mimi keep an eye on the kittens.

woman with black cats
Mewsette and Mimi keep an eye on the kittens.

The person to foster these two is Carol, a veterinary technician at a clinic south of me, who lives with more cats than I want to say and kind of specializes in socializing feral kittens and cats. The Five were not so organized as she greeted them two by two.

woman and cats
Carol is greeted by the boys.

Sunshine and Giuseppe like this person and want her to stick around.

woman and cats
Can we keep her?

I had mentioned to the group that my neighbor, who had recently lost her cat Little Man, would be a good foster home since we have a great need for places for kittens and adult cats to stay. They quickly discussed who needed to get into a home and decided on Fleury, a big black and white cat who’d been rescued and found to be very friendly. He had been in an adoption cage at a PetSmart but didn’t do well there and had to be moved out, but the only space for him was at the clinic, and being well he shouldn’t take up the cage space. So he was chosen for this in-home foster.

black and white cat
Fleury in his carrier.

We took Fleury up the street to his foster home, and apparently the boys, who are all about the same age, are seriously considering being friends as Fleury meets his foster fur siblings. Not a hiss nor growl was heard.

four cats
Fleury meets his foster fur siblings

Ginny, still missing Little Man, couldn’t wait to hold Fleury and carried him into her son’s room where he’d stay until he felt settled and could explore the rest of the house.

woman with cat
Ginny with Fluery.

Then Elaine stopped back to meet my household, who were lazily lying about on a hot afternoon; here she greets Bean.

woman and cats
Elaine meets Bean and Mimi

And here she meets Kennedy, who is very friendly and comes right over to the baby gate for pets when someone appears, then circles around face-marking everything in the room, the trash can, his litterbox, my feet, whatever, it all belongs to him.

woman and cat
Elaine meets Kennedy.

So I’m trafficking in cats this summer, and when I’m not moving them I’m a stopping point for cats going to a place further to the south and west of Pittsburgh.

. . . . . . .

You can help support all this cat trafficking with a donation that will pay for KMR, food, litter, spays, neuters, vaccinations and veterinary care for the cats in our foster care. Donate to the Homeless Cat Management Team.

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