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Daily Photo: Today’s Array, With Variations

black cats
Smokie has apparently been put on alert to watch me so that everyone else can have a nap.

Especially now that days are getting short and kind of chilly, my house panthers are always happy to settle on the cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. Ever since the cabinet has been in this spot cats have been gathering there. It’s bright and warm, food is generally imminent, and if all else fails they can watch the human at whatever she’s doing. I have always loved to turn around and see them there, whoever and however many have decided to supervise me. I’m also pleased to see Smokie and Bella joined in this habit, and that they are well-mannered in the kitchen after some early leaps onto the stove and into the sink, and that they feel they are a part of a feline family, and all this despite their difficult beginnings.

Below, this is what I saw each time I turned around, or at least each time I could gt a photo. Under Bean’s sleepy supervision, Bella keeps an alert watch on my activities.

black cats
Bella is being very good with Bean as her sleepy supervisor.

Mewsette comes to join and Bella greets her with a sisterly forehead lick.

black cats
Bella greets Mewsette with a forehead lick.

After being outdoors with me for a while, Mimi takes her post of kitten-watching, though she’s clearly not pleased. Smokie and Bella are especially good.

black cats
Mimi takes a little time to supervise the kids, though she feels she’s had enough of that.

Apparently I’m soporifically dull as I’ve managed to put all four of them into a stupor. Mr. Sunshine has joined the group and, though he’s been the least enthusiastic about our fosters, generally ignoring them, he tucked himself right in between Smokie and Bella.

black cats
Mr. Sunshine gives Smokie some instructions to keep an eye on me…

It seems Sunshine has told Smokie to sit up and watch me so everyone can have a nap. Smokie is very alert!

black cats
Smokie has apparently been put on alert to watch me so that everyone else can have a nap.

. . . . . . .

Don’t forget that Smokie and Bella are both up for adoption, now that their ninja training has been completed. I can’t make them look any more cute, sweet, playful, social, affectionate and otherwise adoptable than they already appear in every photo. They are available through PittsburghCAT, and if you are interested let me know and I’ll send you an adoption application.

. . . . . . .

Other daily photos shared on this date

. . . . . . .

Doing the Twist, 2013
two black cats bathing each other
A whirly bath.

Mewsette and Bean bathe each others’ hard-to-reach spots. They do this all the time and it’s one of the times I truly wish they weren’t all black. No matter how I’ve photographed them, even using the flash, I can’t capture their utter cuteness. They just walk up to each other and start licking each others’ faces and go from there. Of course, sometimes it transforms into a wrestling match like the photo “Tense Moments” below, and there are times someone is just not in the mood, but most of the time it’s just a part of their day.

And then there are the really special ones, like the old arm-around-the-shoulder-brotherly-hug, especially when another brother photobombs.

“Dude,” Giuseppe says, “you’re not fat. And just because you have those white spots, I’ll still be your friend.”

“You two make me want to puke,” says Mr. Sunshine as he hurries past.


two black cats hugging
A little paw around the shoulder.

. . . . . . .

More Incriminating Pawprints, 2012
closeup of white pawprints on wood
A closeup of the pawprints.

Pawprints! In white paint! Right across the edge of the kitchen cabinet leading from…

pawprints, white paint and white painted item
Pawprints, paint and white object.

…the item I’d just painted white and set down on the stool to rinse my brush and my hands. So fast! Who could it be?

black cat looking guilty
Mimi looking guilty.

Didn’t expect it to be Mimi? Yes, there was white paint on her paws, and she does look guilty. But I can hardly blame her—I know she jumps right up on that stool as soon as she runs into the kitchen and I should have found a better place to set down the tray I’d painted. I think she’s more miffed at getting paint on her paws than I am having her walk on a freshly-painted item!

This is one reason I rarely work on these projects anywhere but in my studio, and why I make sure all my art materials are AP non-toxic.

And for now, I’ve left Mimi’s creation. Who can’t use a row of pawprints down the edge of a counter, even if they are a little smudged? Here’s another incriminating pawprint by Mewsette.

. . . . . . .

What’s This? 2011
two black cats staring at something
What’s this?

Whatever it was it must have been really icky because neither of them would touch it—Giuseppe even has one paw lifted—though I never saw anything in the spot where they were looking.

Really? I think Giuseppe and Jelly Bean were playing a game with me because they both dropped the subject, stood up and were ready for action when I stood up to take a closer look at whatever it was that had them totally preoccupied. Ha ha, mom, it’s like the ceiling game! Humans are so predictable.

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