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Daily Photo: The Third Cat

three cats on bed
The Fourth Cat

Two cats are happily napping on the bed in the afternoon. Oh, wait! There are three? Where is that third cat? Oh, I see! It’s that lump under the quilt!

Giuseppe had to get his under-the-covers nap even though it’s not at all cold, quite pleasant, and not only that but he had to roll back the entire edge of the quilt and mess up the bed covers in the meantime. Mr. Sunshine looks a little perturbed about that. But that’s Giuseppe.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I share on (or around) this date?


Desk Sorters, 2013
two black cats on desk
Desk sorters.

Mimi and Mr. Sunshine insisted in lying about all over my desk, so I told them if they weren’t going to move to free up my desk space for what I needed to do then they’d need to some work. Above is “work” for a cat, lying about in the same position as before, but with papers sorted onto them. Well, it worked for me, at least until they moved, and they seemed to enjoy being helpful. Don’t they look as if they are enjoying their work?

I wish my camera would make loud painful screeching noises when it set on ISO1600. You’d think it would lighten up the blacks, but this is all the farther I can adjust them. Had it on 1600 unintentionally for most of the day and got some other interesting effects too!

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Too Many Paws for One Cat, 2013
black cat on cabinet
Mr. Sunshine drapes himself off the edge, but I see two other ears up there.

. . . . . . .

What Old Cats Do in Hot Weather, 2013
two cats in tub
Chilling together in the tub.

The “cool” thing about older cats is they’ve done all this before. It’s been hot, it didn’t go away no matter how much they complained, they found the tub, and that was that. I’m fairly certain these two would have found the tub even if they hadn’t been residing in the bathroom. The tub is now full of cat hair and I’ve had to baking soda-vinegar the drain once already, but if they are happy, I’m happy.

I opened the bathroom door so they could wander the upstairs—all three rooms/200 sq. ft. of it—and blocked the stairs with a baby gate. I’ve done this since Monday and so far, so good. Jojo pretty much stays in the bathroom though she enjoyed an evening stretched on the floor in my studio under the ceiling fan until the spectacular explosions of the transformer put out the lights. But Lakota visits all the rooms, napped on the bed, stretches on the studio floor. When they saw each other he and my cats had a hiss fest then gave it up. My cats stay out of the bathroom and hang out in my studio and on the landing on top of things as they always did and he naps on the floor, it seems to work fine. I’m still trying to prohibit direct contact since they haven’t been FIV/FeLV tested, but hissing at each other from several feet away and vertical distances included is fairly safe.

. . . . . . .

Other’s Fine Felines: Virginia, 2013
white cat with tabby spots
Virginia, who really really wanted her photo taken.

“I always wanted to be a model,” the slender white cat wearing a gray cloche hat at a jaunty angle said. “Unfortunately, I caught this disease and my career was over. But I’d so like it if you’d take my photo.” Sweet, quiet, dignified, that is Virginia.

Virginia is one of the cats who lives at In Care of Cats Sanctuary. I met so many cats that I didn’t get the time to ask each individual story, but I do know that Virginia is so named because she originated in that state. I’d photographed her when I first came in, below, happily sleeping in the sun, and she awoke and looked at me just in time to let the sun shine through her pale coral ears.

I walked all around the sanctuary after that asking questions of Risé and Janine and just as we were about to leave that section and go outdoors we stopped for a few last questions. Janine, the main caretaker who knows each cat by name and health history, said to me, “Turn around—Virginia is looking at you so longingly, could you take her picture? I think she’d like that.”

I turned around and indeed there was Virginia sitting tall and perfectly balanced, paws placed just so, her head at a coy tilt. She blinked once, then continued to look at me. I took several photos, the lighting was a little difficult and I wanted to be certain I caught all the nuances of Virginia. I photographed so many cats that day and so many cats on a regular basis, and surely I do my best to describe them with these images, or to capture an interesting view with all the abilities of myself and my equipment, but a truly beautiful being is beautiful no matter what you do or who takes the photo. Every photo of Virginia was interesting, distinctive and lovely, and that was not my talent but her natural beauty.

As I photographed her many impressions wandered through my imagination, a story, a 1920s flapper girl, a 1930s stage actress, young and beautiful, overcoming great odds as a woman in that day and the challenges of those days with a promising career, but some illness, in those days deadly, today curable, put a stop to that, but she never lost her dignity.

I can’t save her, no one can; her disease, feline leukemia virus, will soon take her life, but she will be remembered here for her natural beauty, grace and dignity.

white cat with tabby spots
Virginia, when I first entered the sanctuary.

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