Daily Photo: The Night Shift

three black cat faces
The Night Shift.

Working on a project on my computer last night, I was closely supervised by not one but three black cats. Though last night was the evening of Labor Day, still they saw fit to cease their resting and get back to work to start the week a little early with me. I certainly appreciated their assistance.

Below, what the three of them looked like, Giuseppe and Mewsette touching front paws in some arcane black cat communication code while they’ve left Mr. Sunshine to watch me. Note the letters and papers slipping off the desk under Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine. Note that I am taking a photo and letting it happen, in fact I didn’t even notice. Cats will do that to you.

three black cats on desk
The full view of them…

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2012: Toes
cat toes
Giuseppe shows me his toes.

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2011: Kitty in the Courtyard
tuxedo cat through fence
Kitty in the Courtyard

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2010: Your Manner of Housekeeping is Exceedingly Deficient
black cat with cobwebs on her face
Your Manner of Housekeeping…

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I don’t know if readers have noticed I changed the way I post things a few weeks ago, just to see how it worked for everyone. Rather than posting a “reprise photo” as well as a “daily photo”, I’ve incorporated the reprise photos into the daily photo post, as I do with the daily sketches from last year. Through the past year I’ve wanted to be sure I brought loving attention to Cookie and Kelly until Kelly’s anniversary, then decided to work out how I would present those past photos—I still want to share them, and now and then one will get extra attention, but I don’t know that anyone wants to read that many separate posts from me every day! I think three is plenty: a story, photos, and sketches. It also takes a little less time for me to post this way, and some time in the near future I may also remove the snippet under the prior images as well.

As always, thank you for reading, and for your feedback!

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