Daily Photo: The Great Paper Towel Massacree, 2014

two back cats with paper towels
It’s the Great Paper Towel Massacree.

Everyone joins in The Great Paper Towel Massacree these days! Smokie gives the hapless roll a real shredding with all his claws and teeth as Mimi energetically shreds the loose unrolled paper and also chass Smokie’s tail through the mess.

Begun by Mr. Sunshine, who wanted to wrestle hard with someone his own size, but no one else in the house was interested in a real wrestling match–Mr. Sunshine plays for keeps. He needed a toy big enough to wrap himself around and kick so he wouldn’t be upsetting and possibly injuring everyone and one day, ever the creative thinker and clever problem solver, Mr. Sunshine pulled the roll of paper towels down to the floor and wrestled with it. It felt good. He ran off and came back for more, danced around and talked about it with his tail in the air.

Since then I’ve had a shredded roll of paper towel on my kitchen floor nearly all the time, but Mr. Sunshine keeps out of trouble. And he doesn’t mind sharing it with first his siblings, then his mama, then the little ones. Just today, this roll of paper towels was reduced to what you see here in just a matter of an hour.

Smokie is very pleased with his work.

black kitten with paper towels
Smokie is having a great time.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


What Happens When I’m Gone for Most of a Day, 2013
five black cats
Apparently, I didn’t ask permission first.

Yes, I was away for most of yesterday. When I arrived home in the evening I really did pet everyone, play for a while, and even handed out treats. Then I set about checking email and social networks to follow up with messages and such…and this was the response.

“You need to spend as much time with us as you spent away,” seems to be the consensus. With expressions like that, what could I do? More pets and treats, for sure! I am always so happy to come home to them.

From left to right, it’s Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine, Mewsette and Mimi.

. . . . . . .

Lost in the Shadows, 2012
black cat on green sink with reflected light.
Mimi, lost in the shadows.

“How is this pose?” Mimi asks, as she moves minutely back and forth in her little patch of beautiful sunlight, direct and reflected from various sources onto her and the wall above her.

Mimi has enjoyed modeling lately, and shows up wherever I am with my camera. This is new for her, and I find it endearing; most of my former photos of her are candids, but she’s never seemed to want to be the subject. This is the new Mimi. And she does choose visually interesting and artsy shots, and I’m not kidding. There was plenty of sun on the windowsill but she jumped down from there to this spot, back up, then back to here, and once she settled in this spot I shot about 10 photos of her. Tell me she’s not a professional.

You’ll find more photos like this one, and plenty of less artsy ones, in my 2013 calendar “Compositions in Black and Green”.

. . . . . . .

Kelly Belly2011
tortie cat bathing belly
Kelly bathing her belly.

Kelly is the household contortionist, though this is not the most challenging position she’s ever gotten into. Still, I’ve always thought she looked somewhat like a penguin when she decided to wash her belly just by pulling back her arms and folding in half.

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  • December 10, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    guys !!! thiz bee de best job oh shreddin…. semi cloth….. we haz seen….ever !!!!
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