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Daily Photo: The Door Into Summer

black cat on rocker
Mimi on her rocker

So we had a really big snow! And this only days after I was outdoors, barefoot, with Mimi and Mewsette. But we knew this was coming and I could prepare a particular project—getting the tent out of my back yard. More on that below. But as for the snow, and the cold, Mimi was having none of it and would ask if we could go out, then come back in. Above, the day after the snowstorm she finally ventured out on the deck when I filled the bird feeders and made it all the way out to her rocker, ready to have her really good daily scratch on the seat, but it had snow on it! Who let that happen?

Below, her adventures with finding “The Door Into Summer”. Mimi was so hopeful I hated to disappoint her. She gave the weather several chances to clean itself up, at the basement door, at the back door, and at the front door, but apparently snow was completely unacceptable. Mewsette was a little more adventurous, but it was just too weird. Title from the novel by Robert Heinlen.

In fact, later, Mimi got control of my computer and was ready to send a message to someone, somewhere, to complain about the weather!

cat at computer
Mimi at the compuer

This was one point where Mimi and I differed. I like snow!

me with snow
Me with snow.

Here are the birds out in the trees. I could watch them all day, right along with the cats.

Leading up to that event we had a few oddly warm days, in the 50s, in December! Interesting to be barefoot on a sunny December afternoon. Well, for me at least, the girls, not so much.

Barefoot with Mewsette and Mimi.

But that was the day I decided I had to move the contents of “the tent” back into the basement and put tent and all away.

From Instagram: I’m nearing the end of this pretty big project, and now it’s time for me to get busy making things for this holiday season, albeit a little bit late, in my new basement studio space!

Just about two months ago when I got the new furnace, I had to move things out of the basement so that they could get in and have room to work. I decided that was a good enough reason for me to start a project that I’ve wanted to do for several years, moving a portion of my studio space into a portion of the basement. That meant moving about half the contents of the basement out in the back yard under the tent I use for festivals, waterproofing the walls, setting up my work tables, equipment, new shelves, moving everything from the spare bedroom studio on the second floor that now belongs in the basement studio, and organizing it.

After two months it’s time for everything to come back in. I’ve already had one snow on this tent and that’s not good for it, and I’m tired of looking at it out there, so today was a long day in the rain and drizzle, carrying things into the basement, under the deck and into the shed, folding up the tables and the tent and putting everything away.

It’s been nice to have this big really physical project to work on for a while. I enjoy that now and then, and I didn’t even mind so much giving that precedence over my creative work, in part because I knew at the end of it I’d have much more comfortable spaces to work in everywhere in the house and I can be far more productive than I was able to be before. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing the things I make down there now. I can’t wait!

So, here are a few photos from my first two days working in the basement.

Don’t know, some sort of pastry maybe? I’ve been working hard all day in my studio in my basement and they’ve been torturing me with absolute cuteness. This is only one of about 52 photos I’ve taken, every time I turn around, there they are, a different combination of cats, in a different shape, cuddled into their cloud bed. What am I supposed to do?

four black cats
Four on the fleece bed.

At least Hamlet is awake to keep an eye on me and inspect my work (with a cute little blep).

Hamlet inspects my work.

Just a few things I managed to get finished today in my new basement studio space despite the incessant cuteness of my cats.

Some new and old things.

We had a framing party over the past few days, getting orders ready to ship out. Of course my supurrvisors participated. I also had one entire half of my work table to work on, all in my newly set-up basement framing area.

This is how it is for now.

A print of “The Goddess” went home as a surprise Christmas gift this year. This is a linoleum block print based on my tortie cat, Cookie. “Well, everyone knows a well-rounded cat who knows she’s beautiful, and Cookie would tell you that a woman with a round shape was once most desirable and and an object of worship.” I make each print on rice paper, then use watercolors to give “The Goddess” her tortie colors. I cut the mats and frame it myself. Read more about “The Goddess” here:

“The Goddess”

And the party.

Probably my favorite photo of all from this autumn’s color show, “The Lichen Tree”. Someone ordered several framed prints for Christmas gifts, another framing project in the past few days. Find “The Lichen Tree” here: It’s a little oversaturated from being photographed.

“The Lichen Tree”

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    My indoor/outdoor cats were the same way…”Nope..nope…nope,,,nope,,,nope !

    • It warmed up enough today to stick their faces out the door again. Aside from that, they’ve been napping all day!


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