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Daily Photo: The Conversation

two black cats
The conversation.

Hamlet consults with Jelly Bean on some matter of managing humans and their weird habits and continuing socialization.

Hamlet has found Jelly Bean to be a more than acceptable cuddle buddy. I’ll find the two curled together, usually with Bean using Hamlet for a pillow. I think Hamlet needs a close buddy to feel confident, and Jelly Bean is good for that. Plus, he’s got that great purr that just lulls you to sleep.

two black cats
The conversation.

A friend gave me the cat tree that’s behind the post. I’m glad to have some extra levels and scratching places there. Since the big one that was there pretty much self-destructed the post has stood in well. But in that busy corner I need more than one thing for them to scratch on and sit on.

two black cats
Looking at me.

The do everything together when they are together. Hamlet looks pretty pleased.


two black cats
Looking out the window.




From Instagram

Giuseppe has that earth day vibe, using a reusable shopping bag as a bed.

black cat in shopping bag
Giuseppe in the bag.

A great way for kitties to spend a cold, snowy afternoon.

six cats on bed
Afternoon nap.

From the Back Yard and Beyond


Nothing is quite as pink as the sudden profusion weeping cherry blossoms. Nothing else is pink at that time, it’s the first drink of that color in a flower, and it’s sweet as candy. I photographed these blooms outside my dentist’s office just off of Main Street, then went home to design a biannual flyer for a customer who likes to use spring flowers on their spring flyer. I had been thinking of daffodils for that, but the pink had seeped into my creative storage space and would not be ignored. I used the photo below as the background.

pink weeping cherry blossoms


Two yellow tulips
Attitude, that’s all.

From around this date in past years

Too Cute! So Distracting!, 2020

fluffy cat sleeping
Mariposa considers my request.

Mariposa’s response last night (last week!) when I thanked her for keeping my spot on the bed warm, but could she give me some room to get into bed?

Looks like she might consider it.

fluffy cat sleeping
A little stretch.

But she went back to sleep. Really, what did this precious kitty do when she lived in a filthy abandoned house and had no humans to charm beyond belief?

fluffy cat sleeping
Then back to sleep.


These photos are all from April 14…yes, nine days ago! Below are photos from April 15. Little by little I’m catching up! With spring, more daylight in the house, and the upgrade to my cell phone I’ve been putting it all to the test. Just bear with me, because I’ll be getting my DSLR repaired in a few days.


Good morning! There are eight cat figures in this picture but only seven are real cats. Can you find the one that’s not a real cat?

eight black cats
Eight black cats, but only 7 are real!

(Answer: Nearly in the center of the photo, right next to Mewsette’s face, is the edge of a Moselland Cat Riesling wine bottle shaped like a black cat!)

Mimi was really happy for a sunny morning so she could run around the yard and play. This happens every day!

What was blooming last week! Kind of early for lamium but all those yellow flowers aren’t holding back, more forget-me-nots, more lunaria, more color every day!

Then the next day, frost!

Another walk down Main Street and the pretty and interesting things I saw.


Now, from April 16!

Three little girls. I think Sienna wants Mariposa to ask Mimi if she will ask me for special treats. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

And April 19

I was of three minds, like a kitchen in which there are three black cats who want my breakfast. My apologies to poet Wallace Stevens. It’s the brothers three working their familiar manipulations in triplicate.

The “P” key on my keyboard was sticking so I pulled off the key cap to clean out around it. Turns out it had a sample of cat fur from each cat who’s lived here over the past decade. So did the “I” and the bracket on either side.

A nice diversion from the pile of paperwork, taxes and financial reports I’m working on. Or am I really only providing a nice papery bed for kitties to sleep on? That’s kind of what it looks like.



From around this date in past years

Mimi in the Cat Book Library, and a Beautiful Morning, 2018

Keeping watch on the books.
Keeping watch on the books.

Mimi took her turn in the cat book library today, watching the neighborhood out the door. She fits purrfectly in that little spot. I’ve been planning to put a shelf there so the books don’t get worn since everyone likes to spend time there. Below is another view of Mimi, but the cat tunnel in the mirror isn’t so nice. This is all after we had a nice adventure out in the back yard, below that.

Mimi on the books.
Mimi on the books.

Mimi loves her “real” cat tree out in the back yard. I still haven’t had the last section of the wild black cherry tree removed. I hope to get it removed now that the weather has finally turned warm, and we hope it stays that way. But until then, we have to visit the tree every day.

Standing with tail.
Standing with tail.

My camera decided to focus on the grapevine as Mimi was walking along, but I like the way it looks. It’s Mimi in her favorite space, kind of dreamy, part of the environment.

Walking through the forsythia.
Walking through the forsythia.

While Mimi was exploring her favorite spaces, I was exploring mine with my camera. It was a blue and yellow and green morning. I am so happy to finally have flowers to photograph.


What other photos have I shared on this date?


What’s Out There?, 2017

What’s out there?

I have no idea what we are intently watching but I just whispered, “What’s out there?” and Mimi turned slightly and whispered, “Murf”, like, “Shut up.”

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