Daily Photo: The Basket Game

The final four neatly arranged.
The final four neatly arranged.

So the basket saga in the studio continues…from one year to the next. During my most recent bus studio time I definitely put those baskets to use. The photo above is the end result with Mimi, Sunshine, Mewsette and Giuseppe each having an appropriate basket, at least as far as they were concerned, except for maybe Mimi. It all started like this.

The original three, more or less happy in their baskets.
The original three, more or less happy in their baskets.

Giuseppe discovered the basket party and felt left out. After sitting on the table and looking disappointed, with no result, he began exploring in Mewsette’s box to see if he could fit.

Giuseppe tests Mewsette's box.
Giuseppe tests Mewsette’s box.

This would likely not end well with the cardboard box split to pieces and everyone in a ruckus about who should have which basket. There was an extra basket under Mimi’s basket in the corner so I lifted her, in her basket, pulled it out from under, and set her down. Giuseppe came over to supervise what I was doing so I parked the new basket where Giuseppe had been sitting. He immediately stepped in, had a quick bath and curled up.

Mr. Sunshine is not happy.
Mr. Sunshine is not happy.

That was good, but Sunshine did not, I repeat did not, like the basket he was in. you can see him above, scowling. He was happy enough until Giuseppe got a whole basket to himself, while Mr. Sunshine had to sleep on top of stuff, unable to cuddle himself into the basket. Ultimately he decided to take matters into his own paws and tried to move into Mimi’s basket, but she decided she’d had enough, went for a break, came back and settled in the basket Sunshine had occupied. Hence the final arrangement at the top.

And here is just a silly photo of Giuseppe a day or two before, doing his best to be a part of Bean’s nap in the cardboard box. He’s leaning on the edge with his head inside and pressed into Bean’s belly.

Giuseppe tries to share bean's basket.
Giuseppe tries to share bean’s basket.


What other photos did I post on or about this date?


Five on the Floor, 2010
five black cats
Five on the Floor

No wonder it got pretty quiet in here. The Big Four followed their mom’s example and decided to have a nap.

They often decide to do the same things together or sleep in the same place, often on top of each other. Here I guess they lined up, starting with Mimi. I remember when they were kittens, they would all play and play and play, then one by one collapse in a heap somewhere and immediately fall asleep. I guess this is the adult version of it.

I can’t help but notice Peaches isn’t with them, and that’s not a sad realization but a fond memory. From the time they were kittens the Big Four took care of their little big sister, curling around her and keeping her warm and comfy for three years, especially on the butterfly rug. I will always remember; I wonder if they do.


Two Faces, 2014
two black cats
Two Faces

Bella and Giuseppe are distracted for just a quick moment from watching the birds at the feeder and, most tantalizing, the squirrel as she busies herself cleaning up the seed spilled on the ground and hopping about. Just a moment, now, or they’ll miss an important segment of Cat TV!

two black cats
Don’t miss a thing!

And there she is! I’m fairly certain the same squirrel regularly visits this feeder. She’s a female because she doesn’t have a fancy set of fuzzy dice under her tail, and while their markings don’t change too much from one individual to the next I can see slight differences in the sizes and set of their ears as well as slightly redder or fur or darker saddles across the back. This one has pronounced dark markings on either side of her nose, where her whiskers originate. Squirrels also tend to be very territorial, and I’ve seen them at other feeders both chasing off other squirrels and playing with and eating with other squirrels and I doubt she’d let a new one in .

squirrel in tree
The main attraction.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Unavoidable Cuteness, 2012
black cat on desk
Mr. Sunshine gives me the full exposure.

Could you work with this kind of treatment? Mr. Sunshine gives me the full cuteness treatment right at the corner of my keyboard.

And that wasn’t all of it. He started out kind of subdued (for Mr. Sunshine), curling his toes and wrapping a paw around his nose.

black cat curled up by keyboard
Mr. Sunshine is subtle.

Then he looked at me to see if I noticed.

black cat on desk
Mr. Sunshine determines I’m not paying attention.

Presuming I was ignoring him, despite the camera pointing at him, he decided to expose himself, as in the top photo. To which he got a good belly rub and then took a nap. What a great day.

But how am I supposed to work under such conditions?

. . . . . . .

Giuseppe, Hard at Work, 2011
black cat on person's shoulder
Giuseppe checks out the situation.

Giuseppe hopped lightly onto Dominick’s shoulder, settled in and reviewed the new assignment.

Giuseppe takes his job very seriously, and he doesn’t just jump up onto anyone’s shoulder. I’ve been working with Dom since 2000 and he totally understands the need for cats to walk on papers, look deep into a human’s eyes to judge character, and approve any individual who comes into the house.

Apparently, Dom meets’ with Giuseppe’s high standards. Perhaps it’s their Italian heritage and love of opera.

black cat on person's shoulder giving face rub
Giuseppe approves of Dom.

Now that Dom has been approved, Giuseppe must review all the papers and approve with a nose rub or a bite in the corner. All papers were approved.

black cat inspecting papers
Giuseppe gives his nose rub of approval.

I’m really glad my customers are cat people, considering they have been forced to interact with one or more for all the years I’ve been working in my home! Here are a few other photos of my cats interacting with customers.

My Feline Receptionist

Work? He’s Here to See Me

A Busy Day at Work

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