Daily Photo: The Afterparty

five black cats
Five tired black cats have some nip before a nap.

We play for a bit each night after dinner time, which means I take a basket of all their small toys, especially small bizzy balls and ping pong balls and also fuzzy mice and wine corks, and toss each one up the steps, some of which bounce back down, and cats run up and down the steps after them. Then I go to the top of the steps and toss each one down as I come down the steps, which makes cats run up and down the steps again. Then I stand on the landing and toss them all over the floor and toys are chased all over the room. Then we get the homemade feather toy with big durable goose and turkey feathers I picked up on the trail, and they make a lot of noise as it flies around the room and everyone has a chance to catch it. Then I pick up all the toys and sprinkle some catnip on their scratchers. Good kitties are so exhausted they can hardly even have a good bath before they drop off to sleep

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Take That, Catnip Toy! And That! 2011
tortoiseshell cat plays with catnip toy
Kelly teaches the catnip candy cane a lesson.





Kelly gives the catnip candy cane the beating of its life. Note her little nose peeking through the curve of the cane.

. . . . . . .

Kitty Kisses Exchanged, 2013
two black cats bathing each other
Mewsette greets Giuseppe with a few nuzzles and then a thorough face wash.

Mewsette gives Giuseppe quite a face wash as a greeting for her dear brother; below, she demands—and receives—her face wash in return.

We had such a bright and lovely winter morning, and rather than settle down for a nap and me at my computer for a long quiet day as all have done for the past few dark winter days, we all went to the sunny upstairs to enjoy the sun on the landing, in the bathroom and even into my studio. Yes, instead of getting my Monday started with catching up and making calls and correspondence, I captured 2.5 GB of photos of my lovely feline family enjoying the warm winter sunshine. We’ll be seeing these for some time to come as I find other days to use them, but I so enjoyed Giuseppe and Mewsette and their quiet little sharing of greetings and baths and naps and chose these two.

two black cats bathing each other
Mewsette makes it plain that it’s her turn to get a kitty kiss!

. . . . . . .

The Feline Long-suffering Look, 2012
black cat with tape on forehead
Jelly Bean exhibits the feline long-suffering look after I’ve put tape on his forehead.

This is what he gets for patiently supervising me in all I do in my studio, a scrap of tape disrespectfully stuck to his forehead. Those are not happy whiskers.

Actually, I think he’s trying to hold back a laugh, or at least a kitty smile.

And he was trying to walk on my work table while I was framing something and that is one of the times when kitties are not permitted on the table, yes, really, not permitted.

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