Daily Photo: Ten Things About Today

black cats
Giuseppe and his followers.

1. Smokie discovered packing peanuts.

2. Giuseppe is really into this kitten thing, especially when his ninja trainees adore him.

black cats
Bella caught a mousie!

3. Bella likes pens and mice of all kinds.

4. Bella ran out of toys and chased her tail in circles until she fell down.

black cats
On my desk upstairs.

5. Giuseppe ran at full stretch around the corner and into the kitchen and down the basement stairs, followed by Smokie chasing him.

6. Being able to reach out and pet a kitty who recently shied or ran out of fear but who sits up to meet your hand and gets on your lap.

black cats
Watching the big guys be fools.

7. Having seven black cats escort me around the house.

8. Watching two mature cats act like kittens helping make the bed and wrestling under the sheet while kittens watch.

black cats
Sleepy Smokie and Mimi.

9. Hearing Mimi’s little bell jingle as she races up the steps to join me in the studio.

10. Typing with left hand only because I was cradling a happy, purring and very sleepy kitten on my right arm while Mimi purred on my lap.

black cats
Smokie practices loooking smug.

What other photos did I feature on this date?


Our Winter Bunny, 2013
black cat ears and bunny
Mimi intently watches something under the spruce…

The dark curved object you see at the bottom is the back of Mimi’s head and her ears. You can see what she’s watching.

Each year around this time a juvenile bunny moves into our yard, pretty well grown up now and ready to winter over to be ready for spring. They nestle into the brush piles I have round the fence, judging by where I see their tracks leading to and fro in the snow. They visit areas in the front and back yards near the bird feeders. I know they eat bird seed sometimes, and they also clean up all the little sprouts around the bird feeders, even those that happen to sprout in mid winter.

Mimi noticed our new bunny just today. Though I am close to the street, the area is well-protected for little critters. That spruce is taller than my house and blocks the wind, and I leave the branches dense on the south-facing side of the tree. The bare branches on the shaded sides of the tree are great cover for little birds, and along with the shrubs along my property line down the side of the house it’s pretty snug.

We won’t see too much of the bunny during the day as the weather gets colder, but I always see both the front yard and back yard bunny out at night in winter, and find lots of tracks in the snow; you can see some in a photo in this post from a winter day with Cookie.

So meet our front yard bunny tucked neatly in under the edge of the spruce and the burning bush. I like the look of him there, though I took several others more close up. I’ll post them here soon. Hi bunny! Don’t worry, Mimi is behind glass, but if she was outdoors, well, you might need to put on some speed.

wild rabbit
Our front yard bunny.

. . . . . . .

Here’s another view of our bunny on my daily photoblog Today.

. . . . . . .

The Incriminating Pawprint, 2012
black inky pawprint
An inky black pawprint on my work surface…

Mewsette supervises my every act on my work table, from close range. I typically shoo everyone off, to their amusement, but I really do let them have their way for a while and ignore them, they soon grow bored and leave, and if they don’t I give them their very own sleeping box or basket and they are generally happy with that. Then I can get out the paints or inks or adhesives or whatever I don’t want cat hair stuck to and get to work.

However, Mewsette feels she is an artist in training; witness her success with her recent cardboard project.

black cat looking at linoleum block
Mewsette settles in to watch me work.

So when I was printing t-shirts and she would not leave, I decided to give her a chance. I like her quiet company, and she likes it when I talk to her as I work. The blocks and ink and papers and brayers and all were already set up and prepared and I had put the tees on hangers as part of my ignoring them and doing something else to distract them.

black cat watching work
Mewsette watches to make sure the ink is evenly applied.

Mewsette watched carefully, drawing closer with each step. I stirred my ink, coated my platen and inked up my block, laid down a t-shirt face up, slipped a piece of fome-cor inside, placed the inked block on it face down, flipped the shirt and slide my hand inside to press the shirt against the block to print the ink onto the fabric. This process of printing the shirts is why I couldn’t stop in the middle and move a cat who’d decided they needed to sleep on the t-shirt.

black cat watches printing
Mewsette ensures a quality print 0n every shirt.

Wonderful! I did several shirts to Mewsette’s purring and squinting approval.

But then I inked up the block and turned to get a tee, turned back around, and…

black inky pawprint
An inky black pawprint on my work surface…

…apparently Mewsette thought she’d get a start on printing the shirt, even without the shirt on the block.

“Mewsette!” I cried. “Let me see your paw!” Ha! A lot of good that would do, black ink on a black paw! But she had taken several steps and apparently “walked it off”, though how she’d done this in the time it took me to turn around and get a shirt and turn back…well, she’s a cat, that’s how.

black cat rubbing her face
Mewsette apologizes.

She certainly acted apologetic, rubbing her face along my boxes of cards like a good girl, and purring and squinting up a storm.

I had her sit farther back, however, and told her she could help in a different way and hold up my piece of fome-cor when it wasn’t in use.

black cat with board leaning
Mewsette holds up my fome-cor while until I need to use it.

I’m just glad she didn’t walk on anything else with inky paws!

One very good reason to ensure your materials are not toxic to your cats, or yourself.

. . . . . . .

Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat? 2011
black cat in green bag
Mimi tries on a big bag.

Really, tell me the truth. I’m approaching seven pounds, and I’m getting to middle age, if you know what I mean. A lady has to stay slender.

Mimi, you could never look fat, especially in a bag that could hold about eight of you. Enjoy your bag.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Ten Things About Today

    • October 24, 2014 at 3:13 pm

      I dropped everything to share it, Tabbies–I knew it couldn’t wait!

  • October 23, 2014 at 8:28 am

    Ten things that can lighten any day. Seven black feline escorts… quite an experience!
    Giuseppe is a fine sensei.

    • October 24, 2014 at 3:13 pm

      Maru, Giuseppe has been surprisingly wonderful. And he’s truly enjoying every moment.

  • October 23, 2014 at 7:50 am

    “2. Giuseppe is really into this kitten thing, especially when his ninja trainees adore him.”

    OMG Bernadette, that is a GREAT shot! The look on Giuseppe’s face IS that of a Ninja Master. I can’t wait until Giuseppe tells Mlle. about his adoring trainees. She’ll be impressed!

    • October 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm

      Lynda, it’s really wonderful to watch–he was curious about the little bun first and Smokie took to him right away, then Bella came along and he is their hero. Last week he wrote to Mlle. saying he’d love to have a family with her–of all rescued homeless black kittens they could foster! She is watching with joie.


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