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Daily Photo: Synchronized Sleeping, Winter Coats

Guess I'll have to get another coat.
Guess I’ll have to get another coat.

In the endless saga of things I can’t do because I can’t move a sleeping cat, it looks as if I’ll have to get another coat out of the closet because Sunshine and Giuseppe are practicing synchronized sleeping on this one. We are back to some pretty cold weather, and time again for berets!


Poem for Spring: Mewsette Ponders Green

"Mewsette Ponders Green", poem and photo © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“Mewsette Ponders Green”, poem and photo © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

The world alight in
shades more than
and glows in
showers on all

A little abstract ode to spring to accompany a little sort of abstract photo of Mewsette pondering the green plate, showers on her nose, and it does glow with the life-giving sun of late afternoon. We are very grateful for the arrival of spring this year!

Today, March 20, is also “International Day of Happiness” where we should each do one small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day. We hope this brightens yours!


Brotherly Bath, and Catching Up, 2017

Bath Puzzle.
Bath Puzzle.

The photo above is probably a little confusing at first. I photographed it as a reflection in the round mirror at the top of the stairs, under Basil’s belly.

Basil and Bella are not brother and sister, though they are bonded by age and experiences and they tend to treat each other the way their mentors, who are actual siblings, do. Especially those brotherly baths. By Bella’s expression I’m not sure she’s as into it as Basil, who gave her a pretty thorough soaking.

So below is the photo I took of the two of them when I turned just a bit to photograph them for real and not as a reflection. And I got so many good photos that I’ve grouped that you’re going to see them a few more times this week.

Brotherly Bath.
Brotherly Bath.

. . . . . . .

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It’s time to catch up for the last few days.

St. Patrick’s Day

Practicing our balance this morning. Mimi loves her life-size cat entertainment center in the back yard made of the cut logs I haven’t moved yet. It’s big enough for us both to play on!

On St. Patrick's Day.
On St. Patrick’s Day.

Evening thoughts. March 18.

Evening thoughts.
Evening thoughts.

Twilight exploration.

Mimi's Twilight Tour.
Mimi’s Twilight Tour.

. . . . . . .

On the Catwalk, 2016

Mimi gracefully rubs her cheek along the edge of the picnic table.
Mimi gracefully rubs her cheek along the edge of the picnic table.

Mimi models her best slender graceful chic as she lets the neighborhood visitors to our back yard that this is, indeed, her picnic table. I think she is still pleased that she now owns this back yard.

No, I didn’t take the photo on an angle to be trendy, it’s really slanting that far. I have a lot of work to do out there. Mimi must be safe while modeling her latest look. I made the second photo black and white just because Mimi looks purr-fect even without color.

Mimi pauses in her walk.
Mimi pauses in her walk.

. . . . . . .

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Deana Ann Boggs and her two-year-old son Anthony got to meet the housepanthers at the front door today when they stopped to visit. Six of them came right to the door, all but Basil who snoozed through it.





. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Killing Me Softly, 2016


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Feline Photography from Portraits of Animals!

Bean laughs because everyone is laying on him!
Bean laughs because everyone is laying on him!

They have to do everything in groups of three, or four…or five. A friend gave me a new bed for them, and this is the result, four of them in the bed immediately, even if they don’t all fit. Jelly Bean is laughing because everyone is lying on top of him. How can I tell them apart? Well, look at those expressions!This photo is available framed or unframed, on canvas or on paper on Portraits of Animals. You can purchase it below or find this photo in my gallery of Feline Photos.


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