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Daily Photo: Sweet Sunny Morning

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean, so sweet.
Giuseppe and Jelly Bean, so sweet.

How can they be so cute when all they’re doing is sitting there? Of course, I took as many photos as I could to capture the moment, then I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so you get them all. The bright sunlight, the shadows, the reflected light, the colors, some are a little soft and slightly unfocused, there is just so much to enjoy in just looking at them.

I set them up as a gallery on Instagram, and I have them all as a gallery below. Such a beautiful sunny morning has us all feeling good, lots of running around, up and down the steps.

Giuseppe also started off the day with a drink at the sink. It’s been a while, but they are coming back to it.

A drink at the sink on a sunny morning.
A drink at the sink on a sunny morning.

. . . . . . .

Photos from previous years on this date

Wordless Wednesday: Stepmonsters, 2014
two black cats on stairs

. . . . . . .

I Was Of Five Minds, 2014
five black cats on cabinet
“I was of five minds, like a cabinet on which there are five black cats.”

I was of five minds
like a cabinet
on which there are five black cats.

I totally apologize for the use of this stanza from one of my favorite poems, but the black cats and the blackbirds was just too much. It was they way they were arranged, where they are often all focused on the same thing, usually me, when gathering on this cabinet, here each is facing in a different direction and obviously about something different yet sitting close together in one space. I feel like that sometimes. But seriously, I sometimes look at my five black cats about their daily thing and derive some of the same conclusions as Wallace Stevens’s poem, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

. . . . . . .

Cuddles, 2013

two black cats.
Giuseppe enjoys a cuddle with his mama.

Giuseppe was assigned to supervise me in my studio last night so he reclined on my desk chair with a bored attitude, assuring that I could not sit down but would continue to work at my table and at organizing my space. Mimi came to spend time with me and then found Giuseppe to be quite the comfortable bed. Mimi is easily half as big as Giuseppe and sleeps on top of him on a regular basis. Giuseppe never minds.

Except when she tries to smother him.

two black cats
But then she slides her little face over his and covers his nose with her paw…

. . . . . . .

Front Row Seat, 2012
cat on stool looking out door
Mimi on her front row seat.

Today was balmy compared to the past two weeks, warm and breezy, and while Mimi and I did enjoy some time outdoors, it was one of those days when she remembered how fun it could be to run around outside, getting into trouble…I couldn’t let her do that, but I could set her up at the back door where she likes to sit to observe the back yard. It’s much more fun from that height.

Not that Mimi would ever really want to go back outside, as she came upstairs to join me in the studio shortly afterward and stayed all afternoon. Guess it’s not so bad here.

. . . . . . .

 Kitchen Supervisors, 2011
two black cats on kitchen stool
“Where is dinner?” Mewsette and Giuseppe demand to know.

Oops. Didn’t realize it was almost 9:30.


Sorry guys. Just earning your keep.

Can I show you how to pull the tab on your cans?

. . . . . . .

What Kitty? 2010
lump under bedspread
What kitty?

You know the kitty philosophy—if they can’t see you, then you can’t see them, and they leave no trace behind. Surely no one would notice the large lump under the covers. About as much as I don’t notice a black cat on the white bedspread.

This is Giuseppe’s latest discovery—getting under the edge of the bedspread near the floor, then climbing up the side of the bed to the top of the mattress. No, I’d never know he was there.


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  • doodz…we like de last oh de both oh ewe de best !!!! N tell mom B ewe knead sum fish in that sinkz !! ☺☺♥♥

    • It’s still hard for me to decide. We may see them as a painting one day…fishes in the sink, where am I going to wash my brushes?


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