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Daily Photo: Sunny Morning Activities

Mewsette in camouflage.
Mewsette in camouflage.

Mewsette, cleverly camouflaged by a white bedspread on the clothesline. I don’t see a black cat there.

This extended summer has been very odd, but even with that we haven’t had a lot of time out in the yard in the mornings lately. The humans says she’s too busy. Mimi is not amused, nor Mewsette. At least I’ve been opening the basement door for Bella, Basil and Hamlet, but that’s not the same as eating grass or feeling cool dirt under your feet. Nor for the human, except for the part about eating grass. So I decided that we would reinstitute our little morning sojourns so we all got outside and I could work out the kinks in my back from sitting too much.

Below, Mimi gives me an ultimatum. Bella and Hamlet are impressed.

Mimi is the boss.
Mimi is the boss.

I love their silhouettes, and even the grate on the screen works well here. A cold front is coming so we’re enjoying a warm, sunny morning watching Wildlife Reality CatTV. It’s really busy out there!

Watching Reality Wildlife CatTV.
Watching Reality Wildlife CatTV.

All of the above photos were shared on Instagram today. Below are some of the wildflowers in the back yard right now.

My, what big ears you have! Asiatic dayflower.

Asiatic dayflower.
Asiatic dayflower.

Yellow wood sorrel.

Yellow wood-sorrel.



Shadows through the laundry.

Laundry shadows.
Laundry shadows.


What other photos have I shared on this date?


What Cats Think Ironing Boards Are For, 2012
What cats think ironing boards are for.

For some reason, this photo is one of my favorites and I have to share it again.

Mr. Sunshine is rolling around and feeling groovy while Mimi looks at the world from a new perspective. What we humans, especially female humans, see as the ultimate object of drudgery, even household slavery, our cats find to be a source of entertainment and even joy.

I admit, I did warm it up nicely for them, and it has a nice soft pad on it, plus it’s elevated, and as a bonus I was using it and would not let them on it, all criteria for any cat to absolutely need to be up there. Underneath that nice clean muslin cover is a reflective Teflon cover, so it’s like a heated cat shelf. Like some nice fresh black cat hairs with your freshly-ironed tee or tablecloth? They come free with every order unless I go after them. The ironing board cover gets rolled for cat hair more often than any of my garments.

When I screen print or block print a product, the ink needs to be set with heat once it’s dry to make it completely washable. This can be done in the dryer, but then said item is rumpled and looks used, not something you’d want to buy that’s considered new, so it needs to be completely ironed. It can also be set just by ironing for a period of time, and this is what I usually choose to do. But I often end up ironing and entire thing anyway—t-shirts come packed so tightly in the box they practically pop out when I open it, and are sometimes so wrinkled I have to iron them to print. Tablecloths and placemats and other fabric items are made from fabric which I prewash so it needs to be ironed in that case, then often I hem or trim it so that also needs to be ironed. Iron, iron, iron, they don’t tell you you’ll be doing housework when you say you want to be an artist. Good thing I enjoy it; I can sing to my cats or watch a good movie on my computer and the ironing time flies.

And because the ironing board is a little tippy and I know as soon as I leave the room that two or three cats will immediately launch themselves onto it, I actually set it up so it is braced and is very difficult to knock over. The iron is unplugged and placed in a safe spot on the floor.

I can keep these guys from jumping on it while I’m working, and I’ve kept most cats from doing so, but Cookie would have none of that. Unless I ironed outside she would find a way to get onto the ironing board—she couldn’t ever jump that high, even as a kitten—so even if it meant she had to start in another room and step up and up and up from one thing to another she would eventually get up there, prance around and wave her tail and purr, very pleased with herself and happy to have my attention. From last June, I Will Never Get To Retire.

Mamá, they all say, you are incapable of doing all this without our supervision! I should be glad for it, I guess.

Besides that, black cats look spectacular against a background of white cotton and unbleached muslin.

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black cat in Mimi walks through the buttercups and forget-me-nots.
Mimi walks through the buttercups and forget-me-nots.

Mimi is never so happy as when she’s out in the yard, as you can see by her “happy tail”. She’s so short that I can’t get a good photo of her face without flowers in the way, but perhaps that’s how she wants it.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Sunny Morning Activities

  • Hiding under the hanging sheet is something Chloe Jo would do, also a Black DSH. Your art work is truly beautiful.

  • Dante goes on Leash & Harness Patrol around the property every morning (my husband takes Dante). Sun, rain, snow…. Dave takes Dante out. Even when the weather is horrible, Dante has to be the one to decide. Puck (who I take on Patrol) tends to let Dante do the patrolling for the most part and will absolutely NOT let us harness him is the ground is wet in any form. Guess I lucked out!

    • That’s sweet, Lynda! Ten ago when I used a leash and harness on Namir when I first began taking him outdoors people thought it was strange or interesting, but no one said they did too. Now not only do many people use harness and leash, but we have his and hers cats!


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