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Daily Photo: Someone Tossed a Bunch of Cats on My Bed

five black cats on bed
Kind of like that litter of newborns the other day…

After I provided a pretty good show by putting away folded laundry, everyone decides to nap.

five black cats on bed
When I walked back into the room this is what I saw.

They can have all the cat trees in the world, and their favorite thing is to be wherever I am. Not that I mind!

five black cats on bed
So where am I supposed to put my legs?

When I enter a room I’m usually accompanied by at least one feline, and if I stay there for any length of time, especially if I’m doing something that needs supervision, one by one, they join us.

five black cats on bed

Eventually they find each other and settle in for a family nap. I’ve been out so much that today I didn’t even spend a few hours out in the yard as I’d planned though it was a gorgeous day—we enjoyed each others’ company so much I stayed inside and we got quite a bit done that also needed to be done. We had a nice quiet Memorial Day and hope you did too.

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What other photos did I share on this date?

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The Rare and Precious Kitty Flower, 2013
five black cats in the shape of a flower
Look what I found on my bed–a kitty flower!

Just like the blue forget-me-nots and yellow buttercups and pink cranesbill geraniums and my old pink pasture rose, a precious five-petaled black flower bloomed on my bed this afternoon.

I find it blooms most often on cool and cloudy days, and even sometimes in the winter.

In the photo below, Mr. Sunshine is in the middle and he is also one of the petals at about 12:00, then clockwise it’s Bean, Mimi, Giuseppe and Mewsette.

five black cats
The Cat Flower from above.

And below, a slideshow of the flowers mentioned above, taken in my yard under the supervision of several different kitties.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Hi! 2011
black cat on steps
Mewsette is ready for me.

Hi! I’m here!

I raced you up the stairs and I beat you to the top!

I ran around and I’ve been waiting for you!

What are we going to do?

This is so exciting!

Are we going to make the bed? And you’ll pet me and kiss me on the forehead?

Are we going in the bathroom where I can play in the tub?

Is Cookie coming too?

Then what do we do?

I can’t wait! I’m so excited!

Mewsette really does race me up the stairs, and she’s so happy she does a wheelie at the top—stands up on her hind legs then does a little hop and runs in a circle. Then she turns around and rubs her whole self against the edge of the wall, and as if she’s not big enough already, she arches her back and stands on her hind toes, and arches her tail. Mousse has a whispery purr and a soft and gentle “rouw?” of a meow and she puts forth all her ample happiness as a greeting to me, offering me her plush forehead to be kissed. Her happiness alone nearly knocks me down the steps. And sometimes we do all the things on the list above.

When I am away from my cats what do I miss? These moments. How wonderful to be so happy for simple things. I’m usually climbing the stairs with a head full of things I have to remember to do. My cats always remind me of the importance of simple things. Perhaps it’s their greatest gift to themselves and to me.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Someone Tossed a Bunch of Cats on My Bed

  • bluemoonalone

    Funny..I have that same problem with my bed..finding a spot for love that big black kitty flower..rare but beautiful..

    • Bluemoonalone, I’m so glad they don’t mind when I get in the bed because they can tuck themselves around me.

    • Tabbies, I slide myself right in there and they shuffle around and use me as a big heating pad!

  • We love the cat sprawl on the bed and the cat flower 🙂
    The bed is our fave place to hand out too 🙂
    Mewsette is so cute.The anticipation of fun is in her face 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

    • Georgia and Julie, I can’t resist more photographs! And Mewsette talks when she does that too.


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