Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Daily Photo: Snow!

black cat with snow
Mewsette leans out the window to experience the snow.

Mewsette is the only one brave enough to actually get snow falling on herself, though all four were at the window when I opened it to fill the feeders. I let them get a good sniff, then I make them all back away while I actually fill the feeders. They are better than another crop of cats at this window—years ago, both Kublai and Allegro launched themselves outside, right over my head.

Someone else was not at all interested in snow. In fact, some tough little street cat turned around and went right back inside after a brief tour of the deck, where she sat and sulked. Really, Mimi tried to make the best of it, had a good scratch and sniffed a few things, but I was by myself outside in the light snow, filling the feeders in the 20 degree temperatures. The birds get more on Sundays than other days just because we have more time to watch them.

two black cats
Mimi sulks and wants me to make it warmer.


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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Snow!

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    BURDS ???? !!!!!!

    • Thanks, Tamar–“aiming” for something a little abstract.

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    That is a very nice picture of Mewsette with snow on her head..they are so good to not run black tuxedo cat Chang will sit at the door when it is open and won’t run outside either..He did one time the door was accidentally left open and I found him sitting in the garden crying..I guess after he got out there he didn’t know where to go or what to

    • Nancy, I’m so glad he didn’t go farther! I’ve always had a house full of cats who were in position to bolt out the door when I opened it, and I often had to confine them in order to get groceries in. These four, except for occasionally Mewsette, like to look at the outside, but not go there.


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