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Daily Photo: Snow!

Bella watching a great show on Cat TV.
Bella watching a great show on Cat TV.

Birds were everywhere and Bella could hardly focus on anything else, especially that speckled starling up on the suet.

The snow fell heavily but not for longer than an hour, but the birds stayed under cover. When it was done they hit the feeders and there were so many birds outside the windows and so much chatter Bella could not leave the window, not for a second. I tried to catch the moment when she was looking upward and I had the best Bella silhouette with the moment when there were also at least ten birds on the feeders and others in the branches behind, but there was no getting them both this morning.

. . . . . . .

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Ophelia watching the snow.

I love this photo. It’s so simple, but just what I pictured when I saw Ophelia there this morning. Lining up my phone with the window was a challenge when I also wanted Ophelia’s silhouette nearly centered and clear, placed against the window muntins. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Ophelia watching snow.
Ophelia watching snow.


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Zen and the Art of Kitten Control, 2015
two black cats wrestling
Smokie is ready to wrestle with both paws!

Jelly Bean likes to sit on this exact shelf on this cat tree, very pear-shaped and squinty and composed, like a purring Buddha about his meditation, encouraging the chi to flow freely into the room to effect purrfect feng shui. This doesn’t go well when a certain kitten wants to wrestle.

two black cats wrestling
Then, the touch!

Jelly Bean, however, subdues Smokie without even lifting a paw.

two black cats wrestling
Jelly Bean gathers his awareness…

He practices his powers of awareness and focus…

two black cats wrestling
…and focuses it onto Smokie, who suddenly feels a lot of awareness as well…

…and focuses his awareness on Smokie, who apparently gets the message…

two black cats wrestling
Bean keeps his focus as Smokie is unable to control his actions.

…as he helplessly spins in the little tube…

two black cats wrestling
Around he goes…

…Jelly Bean doesn’t even need to look at him, just continues focusing his awareness…

two black cats wrestling
The final step, won with the Zen and without lifting a paw

…until Smokie is helplessly slipping from his perch! Jelly Bean barely moved. Now he can continue his meditation.

It isn’t always like this! The two of them enjoy wrestling on this cat tree every day, and I fear for its wellness with the force of their leaping and rolling around. When I got this—and I freely admit I pulled it from the curb when it was put out for the trash near me and someone posted a picture in our rescue group—I wondered who that little tube was for. Ha! Not even Mimi would fit in there! Well, it’s a favorite spot for both Smokie and Bella. And that little perch at the top? Bella’s throne.

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  • cod….dont let the tabbies see I wrote this…….great shot…check out the one ” in flight” !!! ♥♥♥

    • Tabbies, I won’t say a word, but I was so excited to see that in this photo!


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