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Daily Photo: Second Breakfast

Sunshine and Mewsette guard the food.
Sunshine and Mewsette guard the food.

We’re sure this is for second and third breakfast. We’ll make sure it doesn’t escape.

We got our Chewy order this morning. Tell me they don’t know what is under that cardboard box.

Great fun was had by absolutely everyone.

All four of today’s photos were shared on Instagram first.

Meanwhile, later…

“Giuseppe just lost this round of Mewsical Boxes, Jelly Bean is openly cheating.”

Playing Mewsical Boxes
Playing Mewsical Boxes

“It’s getting dark in here as everyone gathers for dinner.”

Seven black cats
Seven black cats

“Jelly Bean is short and stout and if he was one of the seven dwarves, he’d be Sleepy.”

Jelly Bean is napping until dinnertime.
Jelly Bean is napping until dinnertime.


Photos I’ve shared in past years

Basil and Bella and the Yellow Basket

“Good afternoon! We’re just sitting in our baskets waiting for the show to start!”

Basil & Bella & the basket.
Basil & Bella & the basket.

I shared these on Facebook and Instagram, and now that I have new functionality on my site I can actually embed my posts so you can see them here without going to Facebook! I’m excited about this. I’ve come to enjoy sharing spontaneous photos during the day and I also want to share them here, but it’s so time-consuming to download them from Facebook, save them all, copy and paste the text, and so I haven’t been doing them at all.

But how could you miss these photos?! I’ll be playing around with this feature now, and I’m not sure if I’ll embed the Facebook posts into my daily photo posts or if I’ll immediately share them here from Facebook. I’m so stuck on posting my daily items in order: daily feature, daily photo, daily sketch. But I think slipping in a photo here and there, even the morning ones from the back yard and the night time ones from my studio, would be okay.

I posted this on Saturday after these two just organized themselves into their respective baskets, and it was pretty popular!

Then today I decided to share a few more, and how it all ended up. The post above was a single photo, so I shared the whole post, but the ones below were a group of photos and when they were displayed as a group they were were smaller and cropped to fit into a gallery, so I did them individually. We’ll see how I work this out.

A few more from yesterday’s basket incident. I loved Basil and Bella’s expressions in this one, “Can’t you do something interesting instead of taking more pictures?” And how it all ended up, curled end to end in the yellow basket. Basil and Bella aren’t related, but Bella ended up in my foster room with Basil and they have been bonded from the moment they met.

Just sitting in their baskets, minding their own business.

Basil & Bella & the basket.
Basil & Bella & the basket.

Looking at each other…

Looking at each other.
Looking at each other.

What did you say?

What did you say?
What did you say?



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Hamlet Profile
Hamlet Profile

Hamlet and his sister Ophelia were rather feral kittens, did not socialize to fosters, and were placed in a barn to live as feral cats. That didn’t suit them either, so they came to me. It took a while for them to find their socialized selves, and I am more than happy to have gotten to know them and help them to realize humans were nice things, and to be able to have them as my muses and models for a couple of years. Hamlet was meant to inhabit the magic yellow basket. I featured this photo on Black Cat Appreciation Day in 2016. Read more and purchase.


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