Daily Photo Reprises: Lakota and Emeraude

Lakota front and side view.
Lakota front and side view.

From this date in 2013, Lakota and Emeraude, the 20- and 19-year-old cats I fostered when their human couldn’t keep them. Lakota was a big fuzzy Siamese mix with a big personality to match, and Emeraude, a long-haired black kitty, was named Jojo, shy and quiet. Both were underweight and dehydrated, really feeling their age, but Lakota perked up and had a great four weeks before his body just gave out at the end of August. Emeraude recovered but was diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia in November, then lived until February.

Lakota Front and Center

Confusing? Lakota was on the windowsill enjoying the sun, and I captured his profile in the mirror angled in the corner above the sink. Look at those crazy old man whiskers. He’s very plushy, and his fur is feeling very good, especially now that he’s decided he likes brushing.

Meanwhile…look, it’s a Peeping Bean!

black cat looking under door
A Peeping Bean!

Bean spends plenty of time looking longingly in the room through the openings around the bi-fold door.

That is, when he’s not up on the wardrobe, trying to unlatch the hook and eye that holds the door shut. But he’s always nice. He is as nice as a kitty can be. Jelly Bean has figured out the deal. No more hissing from him, no disagreement at all. There is food in that room, and nice kitties get things other kitties don’t get. Rubbing on the doorframe is especially nice.

black cat by door
Bean is very accommodating.

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Senior cats are a joy, they are full of love and deserve a home for their golden years. Adopt one during Adopt a Cat Month!

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Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Catnip Closer

Emeraude’s beautiful green eyes.

Jojo says, “Keep your friends close, but keep your catnip closer.”

Wise words from our senior lady as she has enjoyed a morning catnip party and settles down for a nap with three catnip toys, and eyes her fur brother over there in the plaid bed.

black cat with catnip toys
Because someone is always near.

They’ve grown accustomed to me taking photos of them, and as long as food appears in their bowls when they want it, they don’t care what else I do. The bathroom is so small, and with the door closed I can’t even back up far enough to get a good angle. For these photos, I set my camera on the floor by the door, pointed it at Jojo, and hoped for the best.

I also took some lovely photos of Lakota in the sun on the windowsill, but Jojo’s were first. We can feature him tomorrow.

And that’s not counting the ones of Mimi out in the yard with me—three times today! I’ll have to find another way to share all these daily photos…

Read more about Lakota and Emeraude.

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Senior cats are a joy, they are full of love and deserve a home for their golden years. Adopt one during Adopt a Cat Month!

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sympathy card with siamese cat Never enough time but time enough to love.
A new sympathy card, dedicated to Lakota.
sympathy card with black cat
To Emeraude, from Emeraude, “I will never forget you.”

Lakota was with me for just six weeks, and his fur sister Emeraude for just six months, but they are part of our lives here forever. I dedicated two of my animal sympathy cards to them. Read more, and purchase on Portraits of Animals.


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