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Daily Photo Reprise: We Have a Two-seater, 2012

two black cats in litterbox
We have a two-seater.

A first thing in the morning funny from last year…

Jelly Bean couldn’t wait for Giuseppe to finish in the box. “I have to pee!” he exclaimed, as he hopped in next to his brother and squatted down.

I just have to start your day with a morning funny, because it gave me such a good laugh this morning!

When I planned my bathroom renovation I added in a space for a litterbox for the seniors to use when upstairs, especially in the middle of the night, so they wouldn’t have to run down two flights of steps, and basically through the entire house, to get to the basement when they had to go, now. And I use the bathroom as a sick room for cats being observed for just about anything, and a holding room for new cats, so having a litterbox already in place, as well as the two water bowls, made it so handy. Also handy for observing Jelly Bean and Giuseppe in particular, who have a history of urinary tract issues. Seeing them do their good-boy pee every morning is very convenient.

Because the bathroom is only 6′ x 7′, by necessity it would have to be small, kind of like a powder room for the kids as opposed to the litterbox-dominated basement (I actually had nine or ten cats at the time, depending on who was staying with me). So I planned a lavatory sink with posts instead of a vanity sink, which would accommodate the small, square covered litterbox I had on hand.

I couldn’t use a high-sided one because some of the seniors could not easily get into one and with the drain access under the sink it made the whole thing difficult for any cat. I liked the cover because it kept litter from being tossed all over the bathroom in the place of a high-sided box. But even though I had cut a large opening in the top and back for the drain pipe, with even just a few cats using it the smells built up inside way too fast. Not only that, but when Kelly is in there for her Senior Kitty Lunch Special and wants to use the box, she is frightened by the cover, so the lid ends up in the tub, and litter ends up on the floor, even with a litter mat.  So I walk on litter when I walk into the bathroom. What else is new?

But getting back to this morning—and many other mornings…you know how it is when you get up. The first place you go is the bathroom for those necessities, and heaven forbid you try to accomplish that without the help of a feline…or six. And of course, they have to go too, and they can’t possibly leave you alone since they will need to make sure you don’t go back to bed but proceed directly to the kitchen for breakfast. Usually there is a line of kitties waiting to use the box—really, if I could fit another I would! Often enough two of them get in there so I started leaving my camera in the bathroom and finally caught them in the act. Problem is I left the camera on settings to manage incandescent light at night so the colors are a little weird.

And talking about cats peeing and how cute they are is one of those things that only cat people really understand.

And if any cats don’t like being photographed at a private moment, too bad.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: We Have a Two-seater, 2012

    • Hey, Gang, they are brothers and have never been apart. Sometimes I wonder if they know they are individuals!

  • That’s a new one – I haven’t seen my cats do that yet. Of course, Travis thinks the bathtub is a litterbox, but that’s another story!

    • Vicki, sometimes Mewsette pees in the tub drain, the same as she did when she was a kitten, and I don’t think she’d get in the box with one of her brothers!

  • That picture is funny. There’s a box in Pop’s bathroom and I go in there when he does to make sure he isn’t using my box. HAH!

    • CK, that’s a serious concern! You just never know what humans will do in some circumstances!


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