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Daily Photo Reprise: Morning Watch

black cat looking out window
Emeraude on the windowsill watching a leafy morning.

Emeraude enjoys the leafy view out the window on a mild October morning. She loves her windowsill. If you look closely you can just see her whiskers.

Sometimes the window screen annoys me, but in this case I really like the effect of the dapples of light with the screen pattern!

Emeraude was our August kitty in Compositions in Black and Green. How could I have published this calendar without her, and even include her famous brother! Here are the other photos included in the August 2014 calendar pages.

. . . . . . .


two cats
Lakota and Jojo greet me in the evening.

I’ve seen nothing but improvements since they’ve been here. Jojo was shy and timid, and vomited frequently. Lakota was lethargic and less than social with constipation issues. Both were dehydrated with tangles in their dry fur. But they ravenously ate their canned food with water and pumpkin added, and in time Jojo relaxed and Lakota began exploring the bathroom, and both of them greeted me when I entered. And they loved their catnip toys.

. . . . . . .

Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Catnip Closer

black cat with catnip toys
Jojo has her catnip close at hand.

Jojo says, “Keep your friends close, but keep your catnip closer.”

Wise words from our senior lady as she has enjoyed a morning catnip party and settles down for a nap with three catnip toys, and eyes her fur brother over there in the plaid bed.

black cat with catnip toys
Because someone is always near.

They’ve grown accustomed to me taking photos of them, and as long as food appears in their bowls when they want it, they don’t care what else I do. The bathroom is so small, and with the door closed I can’t even back up far enough to get a good angle. For these photos, I set my camera on the floor by the door, pointed it at Jojo, and hoped for the best.

I also took some lovely photos of Lakota in the sun on the windowsill, but Jojo’s were first. We can feature him tomorrow.

And that’s not counting the ones of Mimi out in the yard with me—three times today! I’ll have to find another way to share all these daily photos…

. . . . . . .

Two Great Minds

two black cats looking in bathroom at black cat
“Two Great Minds”

My engineer and all-around fix-it cat and my charming and food-driven cat had a great idea when they discovered Emeraude had canned food in her room. I feed her a small amount of canned food at a time and I don’t like to close her in there. They are so polite that I can leave her door open and let her nip at her canned food at will, and they’ve never hopped in there and stolen it. But I caught this series of photos the other day that let me know it’s been on their mind!

I used the photos in the order I took them, and wrote the script according to the content of the photos. I was trying out a few new ways to make slideshow videos with narration. There are always minor things I’m unhappy about but it tells the story just fine, although you may need to turn up the sound a bit—I kind of overdid it with the whispering. You can watch it below, or click over to YouTube to watch.

(You can watch the video on the original post too.)

. . . . . . .

Who’s That Black Kitty in the Sink?

black cat in sink
Jojo discovered the bathroom sink.

Maybe it’s a black cat thing. This one has long hair, otherwise, the black and green theme still works just as well, only longer hairs on the sink. Normally she gets up and greets me and talks and walks in circles, but today she’s literally just chilling in the sink. And now I can let Jojo get back to her nap since her photo opp is done.

It’s been hot, above 90 degrees all week and I have no air conditioning. I can keep the house more than tolerable in the 80s, and even one day of 90 or above, especially if the nights are cool, but a week of this and I was actually quite concerned about my two geriatric residents. I had started leaving the bathroom door open during the day with a baby gate at the top of the steps, and the regulars came and went and stayed on top of things while Lakota and Jojo pretty much stayed on the floor, and were confined at night, and we all got along pretty well. But Lakota seemed like he was pacing and vocalizing a little too much—he’s a very busy kitty and talks quite a bit, but this was more than I’m accustomed to—and Jojo was just plain limp. Was this the beginnings of heat stroke? I managed to get a lot of air blowing in there and came downstairs to work since it seemed Lakota laid in the tub for a few minutes then got out and came to tell me it was hot, then went back in the tub, back and forth. When I left the area and I wasn’t around to complain to, he had a good long nap in the tub. Now storms have moved in and though it isn’t raining yet the temperature has dropped 15 degrees. I’ve been waiting for this all week, but especially today; I actually made arrangements with a friend where Lakota and Jojo could go overnight if the heat didn’t break.

But we’re all chillin’ now, and glad the heat wave is over!

Remember Lady Emeraude in Compositions in Black and Green

calendar with black cat
Compositions in Black and Green 2014

Compositions in Black and Green 2014 and other calendars from The Creative Cat

I could hardly have planned this calendar without including our fur sister, Lady Emeraude of the ebony tresses and emerald green eyes. Even when she had her freedom, she stayed in the bathroom, enjoying the windowsill for as long as possible.

Compositions in Black and Green 2014, a features the Fantastic Four and their Mama Mimi in the vintage mint green bathroom, just being their lovely selves. Based on Compositions in Black and Green 2013 with all new photos, this year even includes Emeraude and Lakota! I still have a few left.

Special Offer for Black Cat Adoptions

Now through 2014, I’ll send a copy of my Compositions in Black and Green 2014 calendar to anyone who rescues or adopts a black cat so that you can use it to keep track of all the wonderful things your house panther does. Or keep track of the house panther you’ve rescued so that you can keep track of veterinary records and send it along with the person who adopts the cat you’ve rescued.

Just email your rescue story to me, or a copy of your adoption contract—all personal information you don’t want to share eliminated of course—and a photo of your cat. I will keep all of your information completely private unless you want to share it with my readers.

What’s in the calendar?

Below is a slideshow so you can flip through the pages like a book, and below that you’ll find ordering information—I still have a few for sale.

[book id=’8′ /]

Order Compositions in Black and Green 2014 Calendar

You can purchase this calendar directly from this page using the “Add to Cart” button below, and you can also purchase from with the Amazon link below. I also have it available in my Etsy shop if there are also things you’d like to purchase there or are using a coupon or gift certificate.

Wall Calendar

Bound across the top and drilled for a hook or nail.

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Compositions in Black and Green 2014 Wall Calendar

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Compositions in Black and Green 2014 Journal Calendar

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