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Daily Photo Reprise: Mewsette in the Mirror, 2012

black cat in front of round mirrir with lace curtain
Mewsette in the mirror, unretouched though it looks like a natural sepia.

Mewsette settles here every day after breakfast, quietly reflecting in the sun. In the brilliant yellow morning light the photo looks as if it’s sepia-toned but it’s not, that’s just the natural tones in Mewsette, in the old cream lace curtain, the antique gold mirror frame, even the pine wood of the wardrobe. The mirror is very old and slightly clouded, pitted here and there.

She still does this, nearly every morning, summer and winter, and I’m getting a number of lovely photos of her here again this year.

I decided to try out a few of my favorite filter techniques on this one, and I think I see a series of cards growing out of Mimi and Mewsette here at the top of the stairs, Mimi in the Mirror, Mimi and Don’t You Wonder What They Think?. Yes, it was a wonderful idea, read more about it, below!

Let me know which of these three you like best: at the top, immediately below with a feathered and textured cream edge, and below that probably my favorite with the diffuse glow filter flashing out the lightest areas and softening their edges.

Feathered and textured cream edge…

photo of black cat in mirror
Mewsette in the Mirror with a diffused and slightly patterned cream-colored edge.

Diffuse glow...

black cat in mirror with lace curtain
Mewsette in the Mirror, diffuse glow applied, leaving only the most important areas.

Victoriana Cats

And I liked this idea so much I did make a set of cards from it! Taking the four most popular images, I desaturated and applied a fine diffuse glow to make them all consistent. Though they appear to be sepia, it is the play of morning sunlight.

set of four sepia images of black cats
Victoriana Cats in dreamy semi-sepia tones.

And also…

"Victoriana Cats" Keepsake Box Set
“Victoriana Cats” Keepsake Box Set

You can find the set of cards, Victoriana Cats, in my Etsy shop all the time, and the Victoriana Cats Keepsake Boxes when they are in stock—those are handmade.


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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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10 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Mewsette in the Mirror, 2012

  • Feathered edge, because the texture complements the pattern of the lace. Lovely picture!

    • Thanks, Mark, that’s why I chose it, just to give it a bit of a border. May play around again. Lovely subject too!

  • This is a tough one, Bernadette — I’m torn between #1 and #3. But I think that that diffuse glow you’ve applied to #3 gives it a lovely antique-ish look. And, as my mother’s daughter, I’m bound to go with the antique-y one.

    • Tammy, it’s funny how the diffuse glow works that way, but then I guess the light areas in old photos tend to fade away so I guess that’s why. Thanks!

  • I vote for the unretouched (#1). The third picture would be fine except that the washed-out areas are TOO bright for my taste (and burned-out eyes).

    • Amby, it would look quite different in print. Those washed out areas are a little too much on a computer screen–I have my monitor adjusted to see things in print because that’s what I’ve always designed, though that is changing.

      Question: did you just stop by to check and say hello or did you receive this post tonight? Or do you use a feed reader? My Feedburner subscriptions only go out once daily but it didn’t go out yet. I wondered how you saw this.

      • I just visit the website once or twice a day to see if something has appeared…. Usually I see things online before the email arrives, but it’s nice to get that just in case I’ve missed something.

        • Interesting–I liked the options that readers had with the free WordPress, immediate, daily digest, weekly digest and others. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have that with Feedburner, and I’m not really wild about Feedburner either.

    • Vicki, I really tried not to influence anyone, but I’m glad you agree!


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