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Daily Photo Reprise: Just a Box of Cat, 2012

black cat in box
Just a Box of Cat

Yes, you’re right, I don’t know who put it there, believe it if you need it or leave it if you dare.* Sorry, Mr. Hunter, it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the image above, and then I had to sing it over and over, especially while I was photographing the following sequence.

I’m sure we’ve all seen a similar sight: a box, full of cat, possibly even overflowing with cat. In this case, Bean and the box were perfectly matched as he filled it to capacity with barely a hair showing over the edge. And he was very pleased with himself about this. Well, perhaps the box was just a tad stressed on the sides.

He was about to get a little too full of himself, though, and have a little mishap with the box, nothing serious. But he’s the cute one who sometimes acts out his cuteness by doing something silly and getting into a little mess, like balancing on the edge of a box and calling me until I look at him, and having it flip over on him. His gentle landings are a little staged.

So anyway, Bean decided to be as cute as a kitty in a box could be once he saw that he had my full undivided attention and I was both snapping my black box at him and singing.

black cat in box
Bean is just as cute as cute can be.
black cat in box
Perfectly balanced.
black cat in box
Something is wrong here…
black cat in box
Oh no-o-o-o-oes….!

It was another soft landing. He was fine.

*”Box of Rain”, Words by Robert Hunter; music by Phil Lesh

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One thought on “Daily Photo Reprise: Just a Box of Cat, 2012

  • I needed a good laugh and this did the trick. I LOVE your commentary…. Bean’s older brothers NEVER do anything quite THAT daring (HA!!). Cats will be cats… some are just a bit more graceful (or better at disguising their oopsies). Angus and Donal always emphatically state that they MEANT it to happen EXACTLY that way. Obviously Bean wanted you to make a video to post online. All that planning and effort (not to mention risk of bodily harm… well, embarrassment). Maybe he’ll try it again someday when you can capture ALL the action. Does he talk while he does it?


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