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Daily Photo Reprise: I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having, 2010, plus one

cat drinking from glass
I'll have some of what you're having.

In fact, I’ll finish it off. Can’t you get a smaller glass? This one’s hard to get to the bottom

Cookie really does drink whatever I’m drinking. Usually, this is water, but sometimes it’s orange or cranberry juice, and sometimes it’s coffee in a mug, but nothing stops her. I guess she just wants to be like her mom. I don’t mind her drinking out of my glass, I just don’t like it when she knocks it over…

And Kelly had learned it as well in a photo from early August this year. Kelly was always very polite and helping herself to something that belonged to anyone else was just not in her character, but in that last year I think Cookie was coaching her and suddenly she felt free to put her face into whatever was in my glass or on my plate. Only certain cats in certain circumstances get away with this, but Kelly deciding to be that bold and helping herself was something I not only could never refuse but something I highly approved of.

Below, same glass, same desk, another tortie.

tortoiseshell cat drinking from glass
I'll have some too.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having, 2010, plus one

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  • Sue Arber

    Cats are such amazing creatures, they never cease to delight! I know what you mean about copying Mum, my Tigger is a total copy cat!!!

    • Sue, I love the expression if you try to stop them: “You mean there’s something wrong with this?”

  • Paulette Smith

    We had an orange tabby who used to drink out of our glasses by dipping his paw in then licking it off his paw, then repeating.

    • Paulette, my first black cat Kublai did that! Except that I was in college and he sometimes drank out of my beer glass…but he drank everything else through the years too.


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