Daily Photo Reprise: Girl Talk, 2011

two tortoiseshell cats
Girl Talk

What secrets do you suppose my two tortie girls are sharing today? That cute tabby boy who’s been visiting from Midland Avenue? How annoying four young black cats can be to two “geriatric” tortie girls? A plot for Tortoiseshell Cat World Domination?

Cookie, 19, and Kelly, 18, have never been real “buddies”, but I think this relationship is changing in their golden years. Kelly has always been sweet, but shy and timid, while Cookie has always been friendly and congenial and tried to make Kelly feel at home for the past 15 years. Perhaps Kelly is finally getting the idea. Cookie was bathing, Kelly was sleeping facing the other direction, then Cookie and Kelly turned to each other at the same time and shared a moment of deep friendship.

These two have owned my desk lately, which still is not clean. After a few photos of them I was intending to post a few days of photos of the Fantastic Four and their mom in the act of being fantastic, but this photo simply warmed my heart. Then again, Cookie has been at it in the kitchen again…

About Daily Reprise Photos…

My daily photos began as photos taken, literally, on that day, to chronicle the feline life in my household and to follow that philosophy I observe with all my creative efforts that there is something inspiring to be found in every day, either in the moment it happens or in reviewing the day.

A little over a year ago I began re-posting photos from the current day from previous years. In part it was because I had tripled my readership last fall and wanted all the new people to get to know my feline family, including those who were no longer with me, but who were still very much part of my life.

I also knew at the beginning of December 2011 that Cookie had a very brief amount of time left. Each time her health had slipped her recovery had not brought her all the way back. We knew we were walking the last of our path together, and I especially wanted all my readers to know her while she was still with us, so I made sure I posted all the photos of Cookie I had in those months. After she died in February 2012 I didn’t want her to disappear since she was such a big part of my every day thoughts and appeared here so frequently and I felt that should continue for a while.

Then Kelly actually grew quite ill in the month after Cookie left us and she was up against the magnitude of the Five, so Kelly got extra attention as well. While she had a few good months I knew something deep was happening with her and it would be only a matter of time, but I thought we’d have more time than we did. I’m glad I’ve devoted so much time to the girls, a fitting tribute to two very different cats who ended up very closely bonded to each other and to me. The photo at the top isn’t one of my best, but it captured a fleeting moment and will always be deeply special to me. It’s my cover image on Portraits of Animals on Facebook and it’s also the desktop image on the computer at my desk where the photo was taken. Some day I may bring myself to change it.

But thank you for putting up with me when I posted four or five photos in a day. I just needed to do that some days.

And now that it’s just me and the Five, who are incredibly photogenic and willing models, I want to be sure to show other cats too, just for variety. Along with daily photos I’ll still be showing reprise photos of Cookie and Kelly, and Peaches and Dickie as well who were all with me while I’ve been publishing The Creative Cat. I’ll also reprise a few popular photos of the Five individually or in combination.

Recently I began “From the Archives” featuring digital photos, and “Vintage Photos” featuring film photos, of any of my feline family from the current date from any year back to 1983, when I got my first camera. All this means that my daily photos will likely be two each day, one from the past in one way or another, and one from the current day. In any case you’ll still be getting your fair share of feline photos every day!

Later this week I have another anniversary—Wednesday is the first anniversary of my first daily sketch. I’ll have a special post for that day. I feel so fortunate that I have so much to share. Thank you for looking and reading and enjoying and for your feedback.

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