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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie in the Pasta Bowl, 2010

photo of cat in pasta bowl
Cookie in the Pasta Bowl

Good thing I checked the bowl before I filled it with the mellowed fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette!

I warmed my big round pasta bowl in the over, then set it on the counter while I ran outside to get a couple branches of basil to finish off my dinner, maybe ten seconds, and when I returned Cookie was just settling into the bowl as if she’d been in it all day. I tossed the basil in with her and grabbed my camera for a straight-on shot (below) then stepped up Cookie’s footstool for the above shot.

Amazing how cats can fit themselves comfortably into just about anything, but this is a natural.

Here’s another view. I couldn’t decide which view I liked best—I love the above view because of the composition, but I also like to see the expression on Cookie’s face.

cat in pasta bowl front view
“But it’s so nice and warm in here!”

I didn’t move her, but as soon as I started mixing the tomatoes with the pasta curiosity got the better of her and naptime was over.

This was the first photo I posted in a series I named “In the Kitchen With Cookie”. Cookie had always been intent on exploring everything in her world and curling up in anything that would fit her, even at age 17 as she was here and even with her lifelong disabilities in climbing and jumping and anything requiring strength and agility in her hind legs. She got herself anywhere she wanted to go and was very proud of herself for the outcome. With this photo I began documenting her interactions with my pots and pans and bowls in her last two years.

After over a dozen images of Cookie in the Kitchen, I’ve had many requests to create a calendar of the images for others to hang in their kitchens. I’m pleased to say I’ll be offering it this autumn! I’ll be posting details soon.

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