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Daily Photo Reprise: Cheesecake, 2010

Two Naughty Torties Eating Cheesecake Filling
Two Naughty Torties Eating Cheesecake Filling

Cookie’s at it in the kitchen again!

I turn my back for a few seconds and what happens? Cookie leads Kelly astray and both of them taste-test the cheesecake filling.

I wouldn’t put this past Cookie, but she had been sleeping upstairs. I noticed she came in the kitchen, blinking sleepily, as I was mixing, but didn’t see her up on the table. Still I wouldn’t put it past her to be awakened by the smell the softening cream cheese and follow it down the stairs.

Kelly, however, is an extremely good girl, and it would simply never occur to her to taste the cheesecake filling unless Cookie had set a bad example.

And the first thing I do is take a photo. They didn’t get the chance to eat much. I use an “island” cabinet in the middle of the kitchen for preparing food and feeding senior kitties, and it’s difficult for anyone to get to without my seeing, but I thought the coast was clear. Never underestimate a determined tortie.

This is one of the photos in the calendar “In the Kitchen With Cookie”, available now through next year!

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Cheesecake, 2010

  • Susan Ritts Stoltz

    I love this picture! Also I love that the first thing you did was take a picture of those two little rascals! The other day I left half a turkey sandwich on the table for a few minutes. When I returned, there was nothing left of my sandwich at all. Pie was under the table, licking her lips. She had wolfed down the whole thing – even the bread and lettuce! She’d like me to think she was underfed. Her little round body tells me otherwise!

    • Susan, with a name like “Pie”, what did you expect? The oddest thing about the Five is that no one steals food! This is the first time ever in my life with cats that no one has their face in my plate and I can actually leave food unattended.

  • My cat doesn’t seem to have a sweet tooth, he is picky anyway! So cute to see there are kitties out there with sweet teeth & cheeky whiskers 🙂

    • Dr. Rayya, these two were into other sweet things too, but when they got into the cheesecake–well, it’s a natural!


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