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Daily Photo: Pretty Kittens

Simon looking up.
Simon looking up.

The kittens were getting pretty artsy about their poses on my windowsill a few days ago, and I knew I wanted to share them but had so many to choose from. Today, for Black Cat Appreciation Day, I’ve included the photos of Simon and Alvina I liked best, and I’ll share Theodore tomorrow. The first four are Simon, the next three are Alvina. Below them are some of my favorite black cat photos from Mimi and the Five and my foster cats and kittens.

Watching a bug.
Watching a bug.

They all love windowsills, and when they were still only permitted to run around on the second floor they really enjoyed wrestling on my bed and stretching out on the cool marble windowsill to watch the birds and squirrels in the maple tree right outside. The headboard of my bed curves up above the windowsill so they have a little nook to relax in.


So today’s Black Cat Appreciation Day celebration turned out to be a lot about kittens, but that’s okay.

The paw lick.
The paw lick.

Alvina was still a little frightened of me when we were out of the bathroom, so she usually flattened herself out so she could just see over the headboard, not realizing she had ears.

Alvina's profile.
Alvina’s profile.

Surely no one would notice a kitten here.

Alvina, hiding.
Alvina, hiding.


Alvina behind the headboard.
Alvina behind the headboard.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared around this date?


Celebrating Black Cats
five black cats on dresser
Finally, the best shot: in order of faces, Mewsette, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Mimi.

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and my five house panthers are taking the day off in celebration. I did try to get their wake-me-up dance but it was all a blur, and getting a selfie with all five—well, my arms aren’t long enough for that! But if you regularly read The Creative Cat you should get your fill of black cats every single day. Here is a little bit about this photo and a few others from my attempt to get this photo as well as a few others whose photos I have on hand.

Well, this was the best I could do without a tripod, and this photo is better than nine others I took that day! I’ll have to try this again when they’re all in the mood to model, and when the sun isn’t reflecting off the house across the street…Below I have a slideshow of the series of photos that led to this one, and it’s not ironic that the very last one was the best of the lot. The piece of furniture they are sitting on is the cherry mahogany triple dresser that my mother had bought in the 40s and I grew up with. It’s downstairs in my office because it won’t fit up the stairs, but it adds a touch of class to the place.

We were organized like this because a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a local reporter about purchasing pet medications from sources other than my veterinarian, which I’ve done a number of times for chronic conditions for the past decade and more. My veterinarian doesn’t keep a large pharmacy because she is mobile, but will suggest other resources and will call in the prescription when you tell her the source; she never writes a prescription on paper.

I do regularly purchase medications through her but for the chronic conditions through the years, beginning with Stanley’s methimazole (Tapazole) for hyperthyroidism in 2002 and especially for nearly five years Namir’s four daily heart medications—the same ones my mother took for the same condition, ironically—she called the prescription in to my pharmacy after I confirmed they could provide the medication and dosage she had prescribed. I got a better deal through my pharmacy than I would have online with shipping, and thought the pharmacists weren’t veterinarians they do know their medications and remembered Namir even though he’d passed in 2009. I have had hypothyroid disease since 2000 and with several cats with hyperthyroids we’d always joked about taking the right medications, and while Namir was on the diuretic furosemide (Lasix) for years my doctor gave me a prescription for it recently and the pharmacist asked, “Now, is this for you?” and remembered filling Namir Kazmarski’s prescriptions.

The reporter had wanted a photo of me with my five black cats because he wanted me with “a lot of cats”. We did have our photo taken but it wasn’t used in the article. I had one paragraph in it, but that’s okay, my friends saw it. Here’s the article.

Here they are in the order I too, the ten photos I took for this one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a few others who’ve shared my life

. . . . . . .


My favorite photo of the guy.

black cat
“I am here.”

. . . . . . .

Lady Emeraude

She looks so pretty.

black cat with catnip toy
Emeraude’s beautiful green eyes.

. . . . . . .


Her “baby picture”.

In fact, the world does revolve around me.
In fact, the world does revolve around me.


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    Great pictures Bernadette..all of them..I wouldn’t know Simon and Alvina apart without you telling..Your cherry dresser is gorgeous..I will take old furniture any time over this new stuff..the picture of little Fromage at the end is just adorable…looks like she has milk all over her tiny face… cute!..Interesting article..I still get my meds from our vet…she is very low cost..


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