Friday, December 8, 2023
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Daily Photo: Pointing the Way

three black cats
The boys point the way, as they sleep through the afternoon.

Not the best photo, but an interesting shape the three make. They settled here in the studio first thing this morning, and basically stayed there for the next five hours. This was the most interesting position they settled into, Bean stretched out in the center, Sunshine and Giuseppe curled on either side, kind of in support. I couldn’t get a better photo because Mimi was on my lap and I couldn’t stand up, and if I had and moved the door a bit, they would have gotten up.

Later, I placed a box in the bathroom to pack things into and Bean packed himself into it. Emeraude looked at him—I think she had the idea to get herself into the box—and they had a little silent conversation.

two black cats
Emeraude looks at Bean in the box.

Then she decided to walk all around the box and rub her face all over it while Bean purred loudly and squinted at her. She’s getting along just fine with them all, no more hissing, lots of nose-touching. Bean is so excessively charming I find it hard to keep my hand off him, but let him work on the lady.

black cats
Emeraude rubs her face on the box

Last night in the studio we had a visitor—Emeraude! Normally she stays in the bathroom even when the door is open for hours, but last night I saw a black cat walk in out of the corner of my eye, then realized all five were already in the room. She busied herself investigating everything then she found me.

black cat
Emeraude wants attention.

Up on her paws she asked for attention, literally and loudly, but learned the indignant head turn quickly so I’d be sure to get a bad photo of her. I had the feeling she’d improve this week, but I’m both surprised and pleased she’s feeling so well. I still see traces of her conditions but the constant vigilance of both of us is keeping problems to a minimum. She is more vocal, more social, and more friendly with the other cats. I guess a near-death experience will do that. Perhaps sometime soon I’ll see her curled up with them in the studio.

black cat
Don’t take my picture, pay attention to me!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Pointing the Way

  • Amby

    Hope there are many more GOOD DAYS to come. So glad to see her emerging from her protective shell!!

    • Amby, it was kind of an unusual thing, so I really had to share it.


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