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Daily Photo: Photos and Videos from Most of December

Hamlet’s awesome nap.

This is Hamlet having an awesome nap on the wool afghan. I love how he usually looks like a pile of rumpled fur when he sleeps.

He may sometimes look at me and run as if I plan to eat him for dinner, but he certainly knows how to relax in between times.

I decided to use one post to catch up on all the Instagram photos and videos I’ve posted since early December so you can see what we’ve been up to. Sort of. I may not have the time to post, but I never stop taking photos, and I never really have the time to post even some of them.

The photo of Hamlet’s nap, above, was also an IG photo, but out of them all he wins the honor of being featured. That’s actually from today (Thursday). The photos below start about December 9.

But first a couple of videos!

Took Care of That!

Mr. Sunshine helps with a little decorating in his own special way. He carefully watched me as I set the LED candles in the candelabra that holds the ornaments I make. He is very predictable, and I knew what he would do if I set a candle in front of him. And he did.

I’m not fond of vertical videos, but every so often I decide I’m going to do an Instagram story or reel or something. I did another one of Mimi.

Mimi comments on the weather

Mimi joins me in the back yard for a few minutes just about every day. We were hoping for a little sunshine for several days, but the weather was not forthcoming. Mimi has something to say about that.


From Instagram

First, the exciting story of Survivor Mouse in three parts!

We just want you to know there’s a mouse in the bathroom. A real mouse. This room is off limits to you until we catch that mouse.

I don’t know how they get in, but mice have gotten into the house for all 32 years I’ve lived here. A team of rescued cats is always right on that. But I don’t think this mouse got up to the second floor on its own four paws. Mariposa woke me up this morning with a loud meow, and they were all gathered in the bathroom. Bella was looking guilty. I’m watching their actions to see if I can intervene and move the mouse outside. But this is what cats do, and I guess the occasional real Mouse is truly Environmental enrichment. But they can’t keep me from my litter box.

Mousetrap is set: three cats blocking the door.

Mariposa thinks it’s a party.

Survivor Mouse gets a reprieve.

I did not manage to catch the mouse in the bathroom, but while I was in the shower, Jelly Bean did. I saw him drag himself from under the cabinet with the mouse in his mouth and head for the steps to the first floor.

But by the time I got out of the shower, Jelly Bean, Mariposa, Giuseppe, Hamlet, and others who were under the bed, were intently looking at a throw rug that had been rolled into a pile and touching it and pulling on it.

I am not a cat, but I can figure there’s a mouse under that thing. So I walked over, and quickly folded the edges underneath and rolled the carpet up into a ball, and walk downstairs to take the mouse outside. I did put clothes on before I did this.

I had no idea if the mouse was in the rug, but when I unrolled it and flattened it out at the end of the yard there was the mouse right at the edge. The mouse took a few steps, looked intact and appeared to be moving well, so I took the rug away and let it go. If they catch one that I see is injured I’ll do my best to have it humanely euthanized. But any mouse who can survive an untold number of hours being chased around the house by 10 skilled mouse catching cats is truly a survivor.


Mimi and the boys choosing what’s for breakfast this morning!

Abstract catnap. Check for whiskers.

The #fridaynightboxpawty started on Friday afternoon when Hamlet claimed the most popular box of the week, which still had its paper packing in it, after the strenuous chase of the mouse in which they were probably up all night the night before.

#littlemimicat joined in the #fridaynightboxpawty in a box atop several other boxes because she is so small one might not see her unless she is at eye level.

Mr Sunshine watches me prepare his medications before everyone gets breakfast. Mr Sunshine knows he’s a star. Every cat should feel like he’s a star when you give him his medications. I love it when he gives me his head tilt.

Not frostbitten kale. Seen while out in the back yard with Mimi and Mewsette.


It’s not #littlemimicat and she is not pleased. It’s Fanny, a little Bombay Kitty who just had her portrait painted doing something questionable but cute, up on the mantel investigating the woodland sunflowers. Everything turned out okay for flowers and Fanny. I just framed her portrait and off she goes tomorrow.

Though I don’t have time for a finished portrait portrait this close to Christmas, I do sell gift certificates, and sometimes they are just as fun to give. This portrait was done from a certificate gifted to Fanny’s human. That way she got to choose the photos and the scene she would like.

We have grown tired of #supurrvising you. We are going to have a nap for as long as we like. Don’t do anything unexpected while we’re sleeping.

I’m actually pretty certain that they don’t know that I know that they actually sleep through most of everything already. That’s why I put that nice comfy cloud bed on my work table, so they wouldn’t feel the need to lend a paw to my work. I won’t wake them up and enlighten them of that.

Mariposa can always be found pretty much in the middle of things.

Mimi sneaks in a quick scratch on her rocker this afternoon. Looks like today might be our last sunny afternoon that’s warm enough to go outside for a few minutes.

I don’t think so.

Quit playing with your phone and feed us dinner!

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