Daily Photo: Pets of the Family Pet Expo

tortoiseshell cat
Such a pretty tortie girl–with half a mustache!

Well, this expo itself was not something I’ll likely repeat, but I did get to meet a lot of cute kittens and beautiful cats, and dogs and birds too! If nothing else I could pass my time being a pest at adoption tables.

black and white cat
Come closer so I can touch you!

Three shelters attended: the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania (ARL) which is in Pittsburgh, the Washington Area Humane Society (WAHS) which is in Washington County, south of Allegheny County where I live, but close to where the event was held, and PetSearch Rescue, an independent non-profit rescue founded over 30 years ago. I also had the chance to reconnect with these shelters to feature their cats, and for the possibility of feature articles in Pittsburgh PetConnection.

Here are the cats and kittens from PetSearch Rescue, at the top and below. They had two spaces and a row of 10 cages, each holding an average of two cats.

mom cat and kittens
What a lovely family! Adopt them all!
black kittens
More black kittens!

These kittens were happily playing on the ARL table.

kittens in cage
We’re looking everywhere for a home!

Brother says “I nom on my sister until she wakes up!”

black kitten and tortie kitten
I nom on my sister until she wakes up!

“Will you adopt me?”

orange kitten
“Will you adopt me?”

Looking for a forever home is hard work!”

two kittens sleeping in cage
Looking for a forever home is hard work!

And these kittens were with WAHS. “We’re ready to play with your camera cord!”

Two perfectly beautiful kittens–won’t they be a lovely set as adulte?

“I needz humanz who holdz me for napz.”

He gets humans to hold him for naps.

This is just a tiny number of all the ones who were there! I’d be days editing photos to show them all. Don’t forget—spay or neuter your cat! Adopt if you can, foster if you have the space!

Now for the dogs. None of the dogs were up for adoption. Most of these dogs were there with exhibitors either just to pass the time or as demonstration dogs, except the Dalmatian, who was a visitor.

A beguiling bulldog.

We are the cutest dogs here!

We are cute!

I love Bernese Mountain Dogs, but this one was a little young and in training. She was having a hard time holding still for her photo!

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog

All these dogs were there with a dog trainer, and being at the event and being good was part of their training.

Dogs with dog trainer.
Dogs with dog trainer.

Meet “Rain”, a liver-spotted Dalmatian, or a chocolate Dalmatian if you are so inclined.

“Rain” the chocolate Dalmatian.

And the birds…I’ve seen “That Guy With the Birds” at each expo for the past year, but I never tire of seeing his display and his wonderful, beautiful birds. He founded a parrot rescue years ago and teaches proper treatment of birds with them. Here is his Umbrella Cockatoo with that lovely soft yellow on the undersides of her wings.

Umbrella Cockatoo.
Umbrella Cockatoo.

And these lovely little cockatiels were making faces while he was talking.

Cockatiels were a little bored.

There were many more birds, and even more dogs and cats, but those were my favorite photos. If it wasn’t terribly well attended, at least I could have a little fun with photos, and Deb and I had fun with our display. For sheer volume of stuff, I win.

Our display at the Pet Expo.

. . . . . . .

Between the Carnegie Crawl on Friday night (which I prepared for but ended up missing) and the Family Pet Expo all weekend, and a free-for-ferals TNR clinic on Sunday for which others collected the cats I transported Sunday (more on that later), and a collapsing hot water tank Friday, I had my hands full this weekend, and today! I apologize for not posting—there is so much I want to share from all this! I hate it when my 24 hours a day is up and I have to start a new one.

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Petties 2014
Petties 2014

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