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Daily Photo: Perfect Fit

three black cats on rocker
Perfect fit!

It’s those puzzle cats again. Jelly Bean, Mimi and Giuseppe just barely fit on the seat of the rocker. What would happen if it was smaller? They would probably try to fit another brother or sister there as well!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on this date?


Administrative Professional’s Day, 2013

(It was April 24 in 2013, but it was April 23 this year.)

(And Mimi did supervise me for most of the day, including our photo shoot of the garden flags.)

black cat on desk
Mimi sits in the center of my desk demanding neatness and just a little personal attention.

My current Administrative Professional manages to sit neatly in the exact geographic center of my studio desk and drafting table. On this day dedicated to hardworking professional felines she demands that she receive her due of attention and affection prior to any other work.

Here is another Administrative Professional who kept me organized at my desk. Click on the image to find the original post and read more.

Cookie the Receptionist, 2011
tortoiseshell cat on desk
Cookie after a hard day at work.

. . . . . . .

Four Faces, 2012
four black cats sleeping
The Fantastic Four having a good nap.

Could anyone pose this? No, they really just like to cuddle. They gathered one by one, each tucking into the ones who were there already. Starting on the left, it’s Jelly Bean, then Mr. Sunshine sneaking a peek at me, then Giuseppe completely tucked into his brother, and then Mewsette, who was there first. Still sleeping off yesterday’s mouse incident?

I used a little bit of a ocean ripple filter in PhotoShop around the edges since there were a few confusing things around them, like a framed sketch leaning against the file cabinet and a box with text on it, too distracting. I may get back to my photo edges; I used the heck out of them when it was first a possibility in PhotoShop in the 90s and I over did it, just got tired of them. Now I miss them.

. . . . . . .

Suddenly Spring, 2011
tortie cat in greens
Cookie is in the green.

Cookie sits amid the sprouting grass and forget-me-nots, deciding where in the yard to explore first.

Just a week ago Cookie’s speckled tortie coat still blended into the background of dormant grass, leaves and twigs and I would often lose track of her when she stood still. Now I have no problem at all as everything has greened up in just the past week and her camouflage has lost its effectiveness.

We’ve been checking the progress on what we planted in the garden last month, and this week the peas finally began sprouting, and while the spinach and lettuce had sent up a few scouts earlier they sprouted in earnest this week and began to grow. The asparagus sent up some spears and the violets, along with the forget-me-nots, added some color to the greenery. Cookie and I are glad our back yard is finally starting to look familiar, and it’s warm enough to take our walk!

And Cookie got to take a little rest on our picnic table, one of her favorite spots. Now it’s in dappled sun but when the trees leaf out it’s pretty much in shade. We took a little time to remember Namir; the three of us spent quite a few mornings and afternoons out there, and the picnic table was always a favorite spot for observation.

And with that, it’s officially the outdoor season.

tortie cat on picnic table
Cookie is ready to supervise my work.

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