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Daily Photo: One Lucky Kitten


I volunteered with Pittsburgh CAT at the Hearts and Paws Pet Fair this year rather than participating as a vendor and got some fine photos of little kitten Frodo. It’s not often I get the opportunity to take this many clear photos! I shared them on Facebook for Pittsburgh CAT and Homeless Cat and all the good cheer they could spread, and I couldn’t wait to share them here.


This is what we do. Three days ago little Frodo was living in the woods with his feral mom and siblings, eyes caked with crud, undersized and underweight, hissy at humans, and his future was bleak. But he was grabbed out of the weeds by one of our rescuers with his brother Sama and his whole life changed. Add a little cleanup, antibiotics, kitten formula, good food and lots and lots of love and after only three days he was ready for his debut as the cutest kitten at the ball! People were lined up to see and hold him and his brother and 11 other kittens in two rescued litters who were exhausted at all the attention they got.
His mom was trapped and spayed and returned, another sibling caught today.


Frodo and his brother Sama are just about four weeks old because the people caring for the colony where they were trapped knew when they were born. But they are very small for their age and each weigh less than a pound where they should weigh just about one pound at that age, maybe more, but Frodo weighs only .7 pounds and Sama .11 pounds. They weren’t looking good when Margo went to trap them with crusted eyes and seeming weak and feeble.


But they turned around fast, and are headed for a great life! Frodo is so social and friendly, and the two barely napped all day they were so ready for all the attention they got, and never complained when yet another person wanted to hold them.


It’s true, Frodo and Sama attracted hordes of people, which also brought attention to the 11 other kittens we had. In all it was a wonderful day for them all!


I’ll share more photos of the other kittens there, but for now I really like how these photos turned out. I stood behind the tent and used my telephoto lens, and because it was both overcast outside and dark inside I opened up the settings for most light. Some are a little grainy, but that’s okay.


All the cats available for adoption through Pittsburgh CAT are rescued from somewhere. If we get a call for help about cats living outdoors and we can find someone to go to trap the cats and kittens and form a plan for who will foster or care for them and assess their needs we do and help them whatever way we can.


This little guy would likely not have survived long with what might be an undeveloped little body, something that could be taken care of in a good foster home with enriched food and just time to let him grow strong and healthy. He has an attitude that will get him through, and we will help him.


If you have the chance to, support Pittsburgh CAT or a rescue near you that also helps cats living on the streets.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Photo: One Lucky Kitten

  • awesum fotoz mom B…

    N a paws…a paws…a paws…frodo….we hope ewe, sama & all de other wee onez iz sendin
    a text message ta mimi heer ina few; tellin her bout de awesum for everz home ya getted !!!!
    ♥♥♥♥ manee best fishes two all ~~~~~~

  • he’s adorable!! we are glad you all got lots of attention for the rescue….and glad someone was there for this family

    • Randomfelines, do you know how sometimes the smallest and most fragile have that kind of “get out of my way, world!” catitude? This one’s got it! It’s so cute! And those of the rescue who run around and trap cats, I can’t say enough good about them.

  • bluemoonalone

    Adorable..I love the third photo were he is holding his little pink jelly bean toes up..

    • Bluemoonalone, it was such a difficult choice! I love those toe beans!

  • Sounds like a great rescue. And Frodo is so cute 🙂

    • Pilch92, it’s totally grass roots and totally committed. After the years when I did all this on my own it’s like being in rescue heaven. I wish the rescue had a bunch of little Frodos though!


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