Daily Photo: More Kittens!

My new look.
My new look.

It’s kitten season!

No, not two more for the collection. On Thursday I picked up two found kittens who the finder would not put back so mom could get to them. Gave two of the litter away and said people made an emergency vet appointment for them, hope that turns out okay. They have good sets of teeth and well-formed faces, and appear to be about four weeks and very socialized. We hoped to go back and trap mom Thursday night.

Two tiny kittens in a box.

I took them to Amy to hold. They were hesitant at first but caught on to the nipple and ate a lot of formula and relaxed with us.

But because they were on that borderline age of being weaned, Amy also stimulated them to pee after feeding, as their mom would do, and they did pee very well. They may not be as old as they look, or they may have been delayed in weaning.


They are too social to have grown up outdoors and too clean to have been outside in the cold rainy weather we’ve had in the past week. No one has seen a mother cat around, and they were initially found underneath an overturned wheelbarrow on a sidewalk, not a place where a mom cat would stash them. It could be that someone put them outside thinking they were old enough to be on their own (because, you know, cats are just fine outside šŸ™ ), or mom was frightened and ran off, or someone took her in not knowing she was nursing kittens, or a lot of other things. For sure, we’ll give them their best chance at forever.

A purrito kitten.


Photos from years past.


The Blue Door, 2018

The blue door.
The blue door.

I liked the mix of textures as Hamlet sat at the blue door this morning, looking out at the sunny back yard. I played around with the colors, desaturating all but the blue.

And some of the things we saw out there this morning, old friends who’ve come for their annual visit.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Mimi and Me, 2017
Mimi and Me
Mimi and Me

We had a little walk out in the yard, and I love to photograph her with my feet or my skirt or my shoes, depending on the season, as she rubs on my legs and purrs, so happy.

I don’t get out into the yard much at the moment, or even outside in general. I am glad when Mimi insists we go outdoors. Once we’re out there I’m in the wonderland again and we both enjoy our time. Photographing things out there and sometimes transplanting things or cutting wildflowers for a vase give me a physical and creative break I need.

Below, two of the things we found in the back yard. Tiny chickweed flowers are about 3/16″ wide and look like little stars. As I photographed them I saw the even tinier spotted beetle. This miniscule world, if you weren’t looking you wouldn’t see it, but it is very real for the flowers and insects that inhabit it. And fleabane, for some reason one of my favorite spring flowers, its thread-like petals looking like a brush and that raised central disk that looks like a piece of lemon candy, the whole thing at most 1/2″ wide.

And there were so many fleabane flowers that I decided they’d make a nice bouquet for this week for the vase by the front door.

Welcome Kitty with fleabane.
Welcome Kitty with fleabane.

Later, I was still working on some framing and making more stuff for the weekend pet expo while six black cats got their beauty sleep in the next room.

Afternoon Nap
Afternoon Nap

Hamlet was my supervisor, but I caught him sleeping on the job. Who knows what I’ll get into without adequate feline supurrvision?

Hamlet, sleeping on the job.
Hamlet, sleeping on the job.

Sunshine and Giuseppe decided they could sleep on the job too. Hamlet is always courteous to his elders and concedes his five-day box.

The boys and Hamlet.
The boys and Hamlet.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Hamlet Reflecting, 2016
Hamlet Reflecting.
Hamlet Reflecting.

Hamlet reflects in the mirror, an elegant pose.

He’s looking at me, in the mirror. I’ve found him resting up here a few times and this was the first time I was able to get a photo. He is still uneasy about the big black eye of the DSLR staring at him so I try to catch him first with my phone. As soon as he saw the big camera come up, he was out of there. But at least I have the camera phone photo of him. He’s making progress!

And I here is one from yesterday.

Getting to Know You

"Getting to know you."
“Getting to know you.”

Ophelia sniffs around with Bella. This is after Hamlet chased Bella around the house a few times, and he was actually in the box with her, all three kind of milling around. They still move quickly and I can’t always get the photo I want. Earlier Basil quietly followed Hamlet and they both came up from the basement at the same time and ended up in the same box just standing there. The camera came out and Hamlet was out of there. Eventually, they will settle down.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Daily Photo: The Outside Is Right There! 2015
Four at the door!
Four at the door!

We’ve had the windows open for the past few weeks, but it was so hot this weekend that the doors had to get their screens a little early and open the basement door, which consists of taking off layers of duct tape. It’s all worth the effort to be able to have all the air flow, and for the fine felines to have closer access to their entertainment. Above it’s Mewsette, Jelly Bean, Mimi and Bella, who was a little scared of the door at first!

It started with the girls, Mewsette and Mimi, who took their accustomed places on the doorstep and just spent some time smelling the morning.

It begins with two, Mewsette and Mimi...
It begins with two, Mewsette and Mimi…

Then Jelly Bean joined them, and of course that space in between them was meant for him.

Then Mr. Sunshine joins them...
Then Mr. Sunshine joins them…

Bella was a little overwhelmed by all the open doors. The windows are above the ground and she’s looked out into the air and the lilac and spruce and maple, but these doors…the outside was RIGHT THERE, and there were even chittering little critters that ran back and forth! It was almost too much, she felt like she was back outside again and she wasn’t sure she liked that! She sat about five feet back from the basment door, but she trusted Mimi and Bean and Mewsette, and eventually came up to join them.

Bella joins in...
Bella joins in…

Mimi suggests I open the door. I don’t thing so baby.

You're going to open the door right? Mimi is hard to refuse...but I did.
You’re going to open the door right? Mimi is hard to refuse…but I did.

Later Basil and Bella went to the basement door together. Basil was pretty excited and once he was accustomed to it climbed the door repeatedly. I mean: repeatedly. Bella still hung back but went back and forth to the door. The mess on the floor is from carrying my geraniums out from the corner of the basement. I was too busy to sweep up.

Basil and Bella were a little scared because the outside was RIGHT THERE!
Basil and Bella were a little scared because the outside was RIGHT THERE!

And then there was the front door! Sunshine, Giuseppe, Basil and Mimi line up to watch chipmunk races. Bean isn’t sure he’s got it right…

Five at the front door! Sort of.
Five at the front door! Sort of.

. . . . . . .

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Charm’s favorite way to nurse, lying on my feet. Every mom can use a little moral support! Kittens in order are Splash, Higgins, Crayola, Zorro and Blondie.

Charm's favorite way to nurse.
Charm’s favorite way to nurse.

Mimi is having a nice easy Mother’s Day. Charm is chilling in the sink, where her kittens can’t reach her for a while.

Mimi has a nice easy Mother's Day.
Mimi has a nice easy Mother’s Day.
Charm tries to have a nice easy Mother's Day.
Charm tries to have a nice easy Mother’s Day.

“In my own little corner…” I can barely get a soap dish to balance there but little Zorro fits purr-fectly. And it’s nice and cool!

Zorro in her own little corner.
Zorro in her own little corner.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Time for a toe stretch.
Time for a toe stretch.

. . . . . . .

Daily Photo: Mewsette’s Secret to the Greenest Eyes, 2014
black cat with green eyes
Mewsette’s secret to the greenest eyes…

Mewsette has green green eyes already, but she is prepared to share one of her deepest secrets for the greenest eyes on any kitty.

“Sit next to the asparagus fern when the sun is shining on it,” she whispurrrs, “no one will be able to believe the color!”

We’ve enjoyed nearly a week of sunny days, and hop you have too!

A reader reminded me after I posted this that Cookie and Kelly had also had secrets to the greenest eyes, and here they are tooā€”just in case you need to have the greenest eyes!

The Secret to Kelly’s Green Eyes, 2011
tortoiseshell cat with green paint water
Here’s the closeup comparison!


“Cookie Has Parsley Eyes” from “Cookie Love, and Making Memories”, 2012

This photo won a Muse Medallion in the 2012 Cat Writers’ Association Contest.

tortie cat with parsley
Cookie has parsley eyes.

. . . . . . .

Daily Photo: Small, Medium, Large and XL, 2014
Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Black Cats
Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Black Cats

Or maybe it’s Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. In any case, it’s Mimi, Bean, Sunshine and Mewsette sprawled on the bed.

Well, they’re really having an easy Saturday, especially once it started raining. Just a little spot of sun shone through after a thunderstorm but nothing got these four moving.

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